Top 10 Wonder Woman Gifts

Almost everyone in the DC fandom would probably have Batman gifts and Superman gifts. But thanks to the Wonder Woman films, more people are just as eager to collect Diana Prince merch. Are you looking for the perfect gift for the warrior in your life? Do they also happen to be a die-hard fan of Wonder Woman? 

First of all, we applaud her fabulous taste. And second, you’ve come to the right place. We’re about to save you hours of scouring the internet through mediocre mass production. 

Suit up and fly with us through the best Wonder Woman gifts money can buy. As Wonder Woman would say, “fighting doesn’t make you a hero,”—but buying the perfect Wonder Woman gift sure does. 

Meet Wonder Woman

Introducing Princess Diana of Themyscira, AKA Wonder Woman: the most daring lady in all of DC Comics. She’ll move buses off a crumbling bridge with her bare hands while she charms you into a truth lasso—all while serving unfathomable Greek-goddess beauty. 

You might have seen the gorgeous Gal Gadot grace the screen in her recent debut of Wonder Woman in 2017 and DC Universe's Justice League, but this character’s reels go way back. 

The History of Wonder Woman

The DC Comics Wonder Woman has a rich and storied history. We first meet Wonder Woman on Paradise Island in 1941, where she was given life by her Amazonian mother and the Greek Gods and raised entirely by women, making her a powerful demigod who literally don’t need no man. She was also the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, ruler of the island.

When the world erupts in war, Wonder Woman leaves Paradise Island behind to “Man’s World” and takes her ideals of peace, love, wisdom, and courage with her—along with her ridiculous bar-none combat skills. 

From 1941 through today, Wonder Woman’s character has been adapted and rebooted from government emissary to member of the Justice League. Still, one thing remains constant: her lioness heart and fierce bravery make her one of the oldest feminist icons in pop culture history. 

Wonder Woman Traits of Note

Any Wonder Woman fan knows and appreciates these essential traits of the iconic superheroine. And one thing is for sure: Wonder Woman is all about thoughtful purpose—so your gift should be, too. 

Tie these themes into the perfect gift for your Wonder Woman fan: 

  • Her costume is red, white, and blue, with gold accents 
  • She stands for world peace, truth, and justice
  • She has super strength, super speed, and can fly
  • Her Lasso of Truth can make anyone tell the truth
  • Her one true love is American pilot, Steve Trevor
  • Her closest ally is her mother, Hippolyta
  • She is the ultimate embodiment of female empowerment

This can help you narrow down the plethora of Wonder Woman merchandise to look into.

wonder woman with its logo written on a stone

10 Best Wonder Woman Gifts

Now that you can Wonder Woman with the best of them, let’s unwrap some Wonder Woman gifts.

#1 Wonder Woman Vintage Comics

We mustn’t take for granted one of the most essential gifts you can give your Wonder Woman admirer: some classic Wonder Woman comics. 

There is no better way to experience comic book characters than in their most classic, printed form. (Yes, even better than the big screen!) Prowl the Amazonian land with Wonder Woman through crisp, colorful pages of clever dialogue, gripping story arcs, and iconic action KAPOWs. 

And since your recipient is as selfless and compassionate as Wonder Woman herself, she might even share with you, too. 

#2 Wonder Woman Headband

For the ladies in your life who fight crime in style, this Wonder Woman headband is the accessory she needs. It’s subtle enough to pair with half the clothes in her closet, but still hardcore enough for people to fear her as she struts through the mall. (And she’s perfectly fine with that.) 

Available in children or adult sizes, ordain your wife, girlfriend, or sassy niece with the modern-day version of Wonder Woman’s crown and watch her fly off into the sunset to serve justice before you serve her birthday cake.

#3 Wonder Woman Vinyl Sticker

We’re willing to bet that this extraordinary super chick has an impressive collection of carefully-curated vinyl stickers. These small, sticky appendages are worth gold to a pop culture collector, and a Wonder Woman fan wouldn’t be caught with their laptop open at a coffee shop without one. 

We love this Wonder Woman vinyl sticker for its vintage style that takes us back to the original ‘50s appeal of the superheroine and all her bright, unapologetic colors. It’s giving an entirely new definition of small but mighty. 

#4 Wonder Woman Embossed Journal

Shopping for a creative, a visionary, or a get-into-your-feels kind of gal? This classic hardcover journal from Warner Brothers is a must. 

Your angsty teenager will love scribbling hearts in the margins about her latest adventures, teen battles, or school crushes (Plot twist: it’s Superman. Steve Trevor will be furious.) And for those nomadic souls who can’t seem to sit still, empower them to document their travels while they’re out of WiFi range.

How do you think Wonder Woman keeps track of all her plans for women to rule the world with the power of peace and love? Actually, that’s not a bad idea—jot that one down before you gift it. 

#5 Wonder Woman: Ambassador of Truth Book

Superfans will fully nerd out clutching the pages of Wonder Woman’s tribute book, Wonder Woman: Ambassador of Truth. 

Grace your bookworm’s colorful book collection with exclusive inside scoops from the makers of Wonder Woman through the ages. 

The book even comes with a detachable golden tiara. Say it with us: Win. 


#6 Retro Wonder Woman Playing Cards

Who doesn’t love a gift that everyone can get in on? Channel Wonder Woman’s speed and poker-face intuition during family game night with these ultra-cool retro playing cards. 

Say “go fish” while marveling at the O.G comic book covers that made Wonder Woman famous. It might even inspire you to dust off the old comic book collection from the garage and show the kids what real entertainment looked like back in the day. 

Be grateful for the real gift: the kids playing cards with you instead of watching YouTube on their iPads. 

#7 Wonder Woman Puma Toddler Shoes

Dazzle the little Wonder Woman wonders in your life with these insanely adorable and totally fearless PUMA Wonder Woman sneakers. These would go perfectly if your friend already has a pair of Wonder Woman socks.

Watch as she stomps the playground with super strength and flies across the monkey bars with more finesse than…well..monkeys. 

Your only problem after gifting these shoes is that an 8-year-old will look cooler than you, and you’ll probably never live it down.

Do these come in our size?

#8 Wonder Woman Baby Footies

Blow all the baby shower guests out of the water with this Wonder Woman footies and headband set. Because what could be better than adult Wonder Woman? A tiny baby Wonder Woman, of course. 

No evil nightmare or monster under the crib can compete with baby Wonder Woman’s fierce bravery as she charms her little world with her star-speckled headband. Don’t be surprised if her truth-telling powers force you to reveal how cute you think she is. 

The other guests will wish they never stepped foot into that cookie-catered Sunday soirée with their unoriginal giraffe-printed PJs. (Okay, the giraffe-printed PJs are pretty cute. But your gift is still better.) 

#9 Wonder Woman Funko Pop

Instead of bringing another forgettable bottle of wine to the housewarming party, spend the same amount of money on a priceless collectors’ Funko Pop of their favorite DCsuperhero. 

Funko Pop is the ultimate pop culture fanatics brand. If your friend takes any interest in comic book characters, they’re bound to have at least a couple of other Funko Pop collectors’ items on display—or carefully bubble-wrapped in a box somewhere since they just moved in last week. They're also the ideal substitute for a Wonder Woman action figure.

Impress your nerdiest Wonder Woman friends with this Wonder Woman secret agent figurine to throw back to Princess Diana’s ‘70s spy era. 

#10 Wonder Woman Unisex T-Shirt 

Because, hey, not all Wonder Woman fans are women! This classic gray unisex Wonder Woman tee is perfect for anyone. 

If Wonder Woman herself designed a t-shirt, we think this would be it. Comfortable cotton, inclusive sizes from Small to 5-XL, and the original logo adorning the front. It also comes in tie-dye for people who like to light up the room with a bit more color. 

Did we mention the t-shirt also comes with a bonus Wonder Woman vinyl sticker? Wrap this gift with the boundless pride of an Amazonian warrior—and maybe snag a second one for yourself.

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You found the perfect gift. You’re walking away a hero. Mission accomplished. 


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