5 Best Superman Gifts

Perhaps the most significant indicator of one’s fandom is the number of collectibles. So the perfect gift for any DC-head is to give them a rare collector’s item. Luckily, you can easily find Batman gifts, Green Lantern gifts, and Wonder Woman gifts with a Nerd Box. Looking for the greatest gift of all time featuring the greatest superhero of all time? (Cover your ears, Batman lovers.) 

Superman is timeless, and has been featured in almost every product line known to humankind. This can make finding a Superman gift a particularly challenging mission, especially when there's a bunch of Superman merchandise. From the super cool, like Superman figure, to the quirky, like Superman coffee maker.

Show the Superman-adoring nerds in your life some Lois-level love with the perfect Superman gifts. Hold on tight—we’re about to lift off into the list of top superman gifts for adults and kids. 

Superman’s Origin Story

Hold on—we buy a t-shirt with his face on it, but who is the DC Universe’s favorite farm boy anyway? 

Before the world dubbed him Superman (or Batman called him “The Boy Scout” or the Justice League nicknamed him “Big Blue”), Superman was Kal-El, a baby born on the doomed planet of Krypton. Before Krypton’s destruction, Kal-El’s loving parents tucked their infant into a spacecraft to save him from their planet's demise. Baby Kal-El crash-landed smack-dab in a Kansas cornfield, where a kind, childless farming couple found him. They adopted the out-of-this-world interloper and named him Clark. 

As they named him, the Kents could tell that Clark was no ordinary boy. His strength, speed, hearing, and X-ray vision were something from another galaxy. They helped their little super boy harness his powers for good. 

The rest is history: Clark Kent assumes his secret identity by day as a newspaper reporter for the Daily Planet. By night, Superman flies across the sky to restore peace in Metropolis. He also has an epic romance with the journalist Lois Lane. Like most superheroes, Superman's story would not be complete without his arch nemesis, Lex Luthor.

DC Superman's story was so captivating that it didn't take long for a TV show to be developed and, later, a full-length movie starring Christopher Reeve. DC also released several graphic novels illustrated by notable artists like Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and Jerry Siegel.

Who Needs a Superman Gift

Superman’s noble values of good conquering evil have rung through cultural, age, and generational boundaries. As hard as they may try, most other superheroes can’t come close to Superman—because he’s like, really fast. 

So who in your life could use a Superman gift? 

  • Your monster-truck-loving nephew 
  • Your seemingly-superhuman grandmother 
  • Your Uncle, the family’s #1 comic book nerd 
  • Your band-tee-wearing, video-game-smashing boyfriend
  • Your sister who just flew through the Bar with flying colors
  • Your dog, because he looks super adorable in blue 

Basically, everyone. 

superman vinyl

5 Best Superman Gifts

Let’s look at the best Superman gifts for adults, kids, and kids-at-heart. 

#1 Superman Socks

Something is alluring about Superman’s alternate identity: knowing he could bust out of his office gear and fight crime at the drop of a button-up is part of what makes his character so exciting. 

Give the Superman-fanatic folks in your life the gift of that same excitement with these Superman socks. Watch as the wearer stands a little bit taller, struts a bit smoother, and dances a little less dorkier in this super-secret foot gear. 

#2 Superman Tote

Help the eco-hero in your life save the planet in style with a Superman tote. 

For the movers and shakers who love to get out of the house and collect treats along their route, a reusable tote combines effortless style with functionality. And we guarantee they’re already channeling Superman energy as they breeze through the grocery store saving turtles from plastic bags. 

This tote salutes Superman’s Man of Steel era between 1991–2003, so be sure to wish your recipient luck in defeating General Zod on their mission to save planet Earth. 

#3 Superman Monster Truck

We weren’t kidding when we mentioned your monster-truck-loving nephew. 

They make almost every Superman toy these days, but perhaps one of the coolest ones is this Monster Jam Spin Master Superman truck. 

Why, you ask? One word: wheelies. 

We don’t know the science behind it, but kids go nuts over wheelies—something about a car doing something wickedly rebellious like choosing not to use two perfectly good tires.

So for your little Superman-hyped tykes, there is simply nothing better than a Superman-themed, wheelie-able, monster truck. 

Superman briefcase

#4 Superman Whiskey Glasses

Leave the tikes at home for this gift exchange. For your uncle, best man, or Aunt Carole, who nerds out on comic books and small-batch barrels, hand them these Superman whiskey glasses.

Simple, distinguished, and dare we say, super, a set of Superman whiskey glasses pairs well with anyone who loves the classics—single malts and first edition issues. 

Help the special sippers in your life say cheers to their favorite DC comic book hero. If you’re lucky, they’ll invite you to join.

#5 Superman Returns Xbox 360 Game

Superman entered the video game scene way back in the ‘80s, because who wouldn’t want to become the most powerful superhero of all time for a few hours? 

Put that Xbox you bought him last year to good use with the Superman Returns Xbox 360 game. Witness his inner child emerge as he traverses the city of Metropolis, fighting crime around every turn in the shoes of his childhood idol. 

Don’t be surprised if he starts wearing blue muscle shirts under all his clothes after that. 

Save the World from Bad Gifts with CultureFly

As Superman wisely said, “the only way to know how strong you are is to keep testing your limits.” It’s time to test the limits of your Earth-born gift-giving abilities. Fly to new heights and celebrate your Superman-loving friends and family on a whole new level. 

CultureFly carries custom, fully-licensed DC comics gifts that will make the comic book fans in your life swoon. 

Impress your most detail-obsessed figurine collectors with our Superman Vinyl Figure. Or, for the more spontaneous crime fighters in your life, surprise them with an entire gift box of World’s Finest merch at their door.

The S stands for success: as in, you just won the gift-giving battle. 


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