Top 19 Avengers Gifts for Super Fans

Maybe you’ve been dedicated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the release of OG Iron Man. Or, perhaps you’ve developed a comprehensive knowledge during Phase 3 (a feat that certainly deserves commendation). Wherever you stand in the Marvel universe, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for some excellent MCU swag.

Superfans deserve high-caliber commemorative curios—if this describes you, you’ve come to the right place. Also, there are other Avengers merchandise other Funko Pop.

In this article, we’ll break down 20 of the best Avengers gifts the internet has to offer. And, whether you’re treating yourself or shopping for a loved one, anything on this list is sure to please. 

When it’s time to find the most unique merch…

We’re going to win. Whatever it takes.

#1 Welcome to New Asgard Sign

After Asgard is destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok, Asgardians settle on Earth. While their city-naming isn’t particularly inspired, New Asgard has a pastoral charm compared to the towering gold castles of OG Asgard. 

New Asgard is also where we encounter Dad Bod Thor during Avengers Endgame, drinking a demigod’s serving of beer and playing video games with Korg and Miek in a post-snappening world—a beloved scene for series-long fans and newcomers alike. 

What better way to show your love for niche Avengers lore (or alert houseguests that Dod Bods are welcome in your home) than with a Welcome to New Asgard: Please Drive Slowly sign? But if you are yearning for old Asgard and its inhabitants, you can also find some Loki gifts.

#2 Captain America Popcorn Maker

If you’re a serial Marvel movie rewatcher, hunting for easter eggs in every scene, your new favorite sidekick might just be this Captain America-themed popcorn maker

Styled after the infamous Captain America shield, the popper:

  • Is perfectly sized, even for limited counter space
  • Doubles as a popcorn bowl
  • Pops kernels with hot air instead of oil (just remember to add butter after popping)

It's also perfect for people whose favorite Marvel superhero is Captain America.

Baby Groot

#3 Baby Groot Pocket T-Shirt

The Avengers series features no shortage of cuteness, and Baby Groot is one of many adorable icons in the MCU. 

If you (or a superfan in your life) just can’t get enough of Baby Groot, this Baby Groot pocket t-shirt is for you. 

Available in numerous styles and colors, this gift is customizable for any Avengers fan—or Groot stan. 

#4 Avengers Press-On Nails

Anyone can rock an Avengers t-shirt, but would you show off your fingernails to your fandom?

Check out these Avengers press-on nails, the wearable merch you didn’t know you needed. These handmade press-ons are:

  • Available in numerous styles and sizes
  • Come with rave customer reviews
  • Made with or without glitter

But, even without some extra-sparkly polish, these nails will surely attract fans' attention everywhere you go. 

#5 Avengers Monopoly

Monopoly can be a cruel, time-consuming endeavor, but it’s the game that taught us that, sometimes, it’s okay to shout about capitalism at the dinner table. 

But, if old-school Monopoly just doesn’t have the same magic as it did in your childhood, beef up your next game night within Avengers Monopoly.

Prepare to fight over:

  • Who gets to use the Captain America piece
  • Which Marvel heroes (or villains) you’ll buy to assemble your team
  • Whether or not trading and bartering are actually allowed

And have you ever wanted to assemble your own Avengers team? With Avengers Monopoly, you can. You can form Tony Stark, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and more Marvel characters to be part of the team.

#6 Avengers Embroidered Sweater

If you want wearable merch with a homemade twist, look no further than this Avengers embroidered sweater

Hand-embroidered logos include:

  • Captain America’s shield
  • Mjølnir (or Thor’s hammer, for the uninitiated)
  • Hulk’s fist
  • An archery target
  • Iron Man’s helmet
  • The red hourglass of a black widow spider

It’s the perfect combination of wholesome homemade vibes and Avengers symbology. 

avenger box

#7 LEGO Infinity Gauntlet

Our brave heroes worked so hard to pry those omnipotent brass knuckles from Thanos’s snap-happy hands—don’t you want to put in the work, too? 

This LEGO Infinity Gauntlet is right up your alley. It combines art, creative elbow grease, and fandom excellence perfectly. 

#8 Body of Thor T-Shirt

If wearables are your jam, it’s hard to resist a good t-shirt. And, if you also can’t resist the aforementioned Thor Dad Bod, check out this cheeky t-shirt

Dad Bod Thor held up a mirror to every Avengers viewer, reminding them that it’s okay to drink beer and play video games for a while when times get tough. But, when duty calls, it’s time to roll the workout montage and make a dope new signature weapon.

#9 Sling Ring Replica

If you’re less of a t-shirt fan and more of an accessories aficionado, Avengers merch hasn’t abandoned you. 

Check out this Doctor Strange Sling Ring replica—it’s almost identical to the real thing, offering:

  • Realistic “wear and tear” (because let’s face it, Strange can’t get enough of this thing)
  • Eye-catching size (it measures 5” x 2” x 1”—it’s big)
  • Durable metal construction (because you never know what’s going to happen at a con)

#10 CultureFly Marvel – Avengers Collector’s Box

Still can't get enough of Avengers merchandise? Are you a superfan looking for wearables, art, and collectibles in one convenient package? 

Look no further than CultureFly’s Marvel – Avengers Collector's Box—a who’s who and what’s what of the MCU. 

What’s not to love about Culturefly’s Avengers-themed Nerd Box

  • All items in your box are made in-house, so they’re only available at CultureFly
  • The merch is unique, useful, and high-quality
  • Megafans just like you curate boxes—they know what the people want

Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for the perfect gift for the MCU superfan in your life, the Avengers Collector’s Box is sure to be a hit.

#11 Marvel Puzzle

Here's some Marvel merchandise that can stimulate your brain cells. If you’re a puzzle person, we didn’t leave you out of this list. 

This 3,000-piece Avengers puzzle features a whole host of your favorite characters in their OG comic book art style. And, if you like to display your masterpieces after you’re done, you’ll love that this puzzle has an anti-glare finish. 

#12 Nick Fury Iron-On Patch

Have you argued with another fan about whether or not the Avengers could even do all of this without Nick Fury? If so (or if you just love Samuel L. Jackson’s no-nonsense superhero-herding efforts), you’ll love this Nick Fury iron-on patch.

This patch truly has it all:

  • The quintessential turtleneck and trenchcoat
  • The disapproving glare and intimidating posture
  • The eye patch (of course)

#13 Captain America Pizza Cutter

If you love item #2 but are not much of a popcorn person, you can still show your Avengers love in your kitchen space. 

Check out the Captain America Pizza Cutter

It’s simple, elegant, and effective—like the Shield depicted on its blade. We just don’t recommend frisbee-ing it (goodbye, security deposit). 

#14 Stark Industries Internship Program T-Shirt

Looking for some Spider-Man gifts? If you, like Peter Parker, are just seeking approval from the MCU’s most lovable father figure (we’ll always love you 3,000, RDJ), your closet is missing the garment that is sure to get you noticed—this Stark Industries Internship Program t-shirt.

This shirt is perfect for:

  • Doing Big Science in your lab (or the garage)
  • Wearing while you customize a Spiderman suit
  • Asking your crush to go to homecoming—just don’t forget to Google their parent’s jobs before splurging on that fancy corsage

#15 Battle of New York Memorial Sign

If the New Asgard sign spoke to you, but you’re looking for more of a throwback, this Battle of New York Memorial Sign might just be your cup of tea. 

So many unforgettable moments from the first MCU crossover flick informed future phases:

  • The 360-dolly shot of the original Avengers team in the midst of battle
  • The shawarma post-credits scene
  • The ego-crushing beatdown of Loki in Stark Tower

If the original Avengers movie is a cinematic moment you never want to forget, this sign is for you. 

#16 Fight Like A Girl T-Shirt

The MCU wouldn’t be complete without its cadre of kickass women—and this Fight Like a Girl t-shirt is the perfect way to honor their importance in the series. 

The shirt comes in various colors and styles, and the “A” in the phrase is styled like the Avengers logo. It’s the perfect gift for the feminist Marvel fan.

#17 Infinity Stones Posters

No matter how old you are, how big your room is, or which fandoms you love, you can never have too many posters. 

And, if dope Avengers fan art is up your alley, check out these Infinity Stones posters. Each poster features:

  • An illustration of the stone
  • Where it was originally found in the MCU
  • The films in which it appears
  • A few quotes that describe it

Whether you opt for your favorite stone or snag them all, these posters would make an excellent addition to your wall art collection.

#18 The Last Supper Wall Art

Keeping with the wall art theme, let’s explore a fan art crossover you likely didn’t see coming—the Avengers styled after da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

This poster is large and in charge, and you can get it on:

  • Sticker fabric
  • Rolled canvas fabric
  • Poster paper

You can even order it ready-to-hang. 

#19 Retro Motel-Style Keychains

These retro keychains have everything an Avengers fan could ever want:

  • A practical purpose
  • A vintage vibe
  • Extended universe characters (like Daredevil)
  • Irresistibly cute fan art

Look no further than these keychains for merch with a mission (in this case, holding your keys). 

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