5 Coolest Batman Gifts

So, you’ve already handed out Superman gifts and Wonder Woman Gifts. But Holy gifting dilemma Batman! If you have a Batman superfan in your life, you know that finding them the perfect gift can sometimes feel like a job worthy of Gotham’s greatest detective. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. You need a gift-giving sidekick as acrobatic as Dick Grayson—you need us

Next to Superman, The Dark Knight is one of the most popular superheroes in the DC Comic Universe. With that popularity comes a lot of merchandise, such as Batman shirts, Batman action figures, Batman watches, Batman toys, Lego Batman, Batman Funko Pops, and even a Batman ice cube tray. Searching for the right Batman gift can be difficult because you have to go through pages and pages of Batman merchandise. This is where we got you covered!

This guide will cover some essential Batman gifts, including Batman gifts for kids and Batman gifts for adults, which you can get with a Nerd Box. When it comes to Batman gifts, there’s no shortage of items to choose from, but this guide will give you some good starting ideas. So strap on your utility belts and join us in Gotham for a journey through the best Batman gifts available.

#1 The Essential Batman vs. Joker Comics

Batman’s first comic book appearance was in 1939 when Bill Finger introduced the caped crusader and Bob Kane in Detective Comics #37.1 Since then, the Dark Knight has been a fixture in the DC comics universe. Where do you even start searching for comics for your Batman superfan with nearly a century of titles to choose from?

May we suggest looking at his most iconic villain?

Batman has faced off against many supervillains over the years, but he is best known for his battles with the Joker. The folks at DC have put together a list of essential Batman vs. Joker titles that will delight your superfan. Some highlights include:2

  • Batman #1 (1940) – It wasn’t long before Batman got his own comic series, and in the first issue, we’re introduced to both the Joker and Catwoman. This is an essential read for any Batman superfan.3

  • The Killing Joke (1988) – The Killing Joke is Alan Moore’s iconic take that sees the Joker trying to drive Commissioner Gordon insane while also providing a backstory to our favorite supervillain through a series of flashbacks. The Killing Joke has also inspired many modern films takes on the character, from Tim Burton’s Batman to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and Todd Phillip’s Joker.4

  • A Death in the Family (1988) – This four-issue series focuses on Jason Todd's (a.k.a. Robin II) search for his birth mother until the Joker tragically intervenes. As with many of the Batman vs. Joker comics, this arc deals with adult themes and may not be suitable for younger fans.5

  • The War of Jokes and Riddles (2017) – It’s the Joker vs. the Riddler with Batman in the middle in this more modern series of books. A perfect gift option for anyone interested in more recent happenings in Gotham.6

  • The Dark Knight Returns (1986) – Frank Miller’s take on Batman features an older Bruce Wayne, Two-Face, the Joker, and Superman. It is also widely credited with revolutionizing the character, so it should be included on any list of Batman comics.7

  • batman begins dvd

    #2 World Finest: The Collection

    Batman is just one of many heroes in the larger DC universe. Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash are just a few examples of the other great heroes that populate the same world as Batman. Any Batman fan will likely be interested in all of the DC heroes.

    There’s no better gift for those superfans than our World’s Finest subscription box. It’s the gift that keeps giving. With a subscription, your superfan will get a new mystery box every quarter filled with a ton of DC collectibles, from apparel to vinyl figurines. That means every few months, your superfan will get a new box full of surprises curated by the superfans at CulturFly.

    By fans, for fans. The World’s Finest Collection is sure to satisfy. 

    batman awesome black car

    #3 Holy Classic TV Batman!

    Even younger Batman fans can enjoy the pleasures of the original Batman television series. Running for three seasons from 1966 to 1968, the series starred Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin facing off against Gotham’s supervillains.

    Episodes tended to be fun capers suitable for all ages and were often presented as suspenseful two-parters with Batman and Robin facing impossible cliffhangers. But with ingenuity and a seemingly endless store of gadgets in their utility belts, our heroes managed to save the day week after week to the delight of fans.8

    The animated series probably introduced younger Batman fans to the caped crusader. If so, you can also get a DVD collection of the animated series and its spin-off movie.

    #4 Movies

    Some fans may find the 1966 TV series a bit too retro. That’s fine since Warner Bros has plenty of Dark Knight films worth watching. The silver screen has provided many modern and mature takes on the caped crusader. From Tim Burton’s original Batman films to the most recent entry from Matthew Reeves, there’s a Batman movie to suit everyone:9

    Tim Burton movies starring Michael Keaton as Batman:

    • Batman (1989)
    • Batman Returns (1992)

    Joel Schumacher movies starring Val Kilmer and George Clooney as Batman:

    • Batman Forever (1995)
    • Batman and Robin (1997)

    Christopher Nolan movies starring Christian Bale as Batman:

    • Batman Begins (2005)
    • The Dark Knight (2008)
    • The Dark Knight Returns (2012)

    Zack Snyder movies starring Ben Affleck as Batman:

    • Batman vs. Superman (2016)
    • Justice League (2017, directed by Joss Whedon, recut in 2021 by Zack Snyder)

    Matthew Reeves movie starring Robert Pattinson as Batman

    • The Batman (2022)
    batman awesome black car

    #5 The Batmobile

    This one is definitely just for adults.

    You can buy many batmobile replicas for the Batman superfan in your life. Just one catch: they’re going to be expensive.10 If you’ve got Bruce Wayne money, by all means, go for it. For the rest of us, maybe we should just opt for some cool posters.11

    The Best Batman-Fan Gifts at CultureFly

    This guide should give you an excellent place to start, but it’s by no means comprehensive. From video games to action figures, Batman has plenty of gear that would make the perfect gift. So how do you choose? Do what Batman would do: consider the person you’re buying for and then confidently make a decision. You’ve got this!

    And whenever you’re looking for great gifts, check out our Nerd Boxes. We have subscription boxes, pop culture apparel, pop culture accessories, and more. Our goal is to provide what superfans want. Whether it’s Batman, Nintendo, or Friends, find gifts superfans will love at CultureFly.


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