Best 10 Loki Gifts for Any Fan

When it comes to buying Marvel Cinematic Universe merchandise, it seems most people are looking for Avenger gifts or Spider-Man gifts. But what about the villains? Are you trying to make tremendous strides for humanity—by whatever means necessary—and finding that the entire universe is standing in your way? Are you burdened with glorious purpose?

Whether everything about Asgard’s favorite antihero resonates with you or you’re simply harboring a decade-long crush on Tom Hiddleston, there’s no wrong reason to love Loki. And, if you’re looking for the perfect Loki gifts for yourself, a fellow Loki devotee, or a loved one whose obsession with a Marvel “villain” (and technically Disney prince!) is thoroughly perplexing to you, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our list of the best ten gift ideas for Loki fans will help jump-start your shopping spree—or convince you that gold and green is a simply perfect color combo.

#1 Loki Crown

Whether you attended the midnight premiere of the first Thor flick from Marvel Studios or fell in love with God of Mischief in his eponymous Disney+ series, this Loki crown is the perfect complement to your mega-fan wardrobe. 

This hair-raising headpiece could help you:

  • Build a kickass cosplay look
  • Make a fashion statement at Thanksgiving
  • Try to get the mere mortals in your midst to kneel before you

#2 “Mentally Dating Tom Hiddleston” Cosmetic Bag

Although Chris Hemsworth is the star of the Thor movies, there's no doubt that Tom Hiddleston stole the spotlight through his portrayal of Loki. This is a no-judgment zone if you’re just here for the Hiddles. 

For Hiddlestans chomping at the bit to gaze upon their beloved’s face and weep, Loki provides copious opportunities. 

And, why not show your devotion with this cute cosmetic bag featuring an irresistible cartoon of our—err, your—number-one celebrity crush in full Loki garb? 

#3 Loki Candle

If you have dreams about what Loki might smell like…maybe dial it back. (Just kidding!)

This candle doesn’t claim to smell like Loki, but it is inspired by his character, featuring:

  • Top notes of dragon’s blood, cinnamon, and sugar
  • Middle notes of amber and balsam
  • Bottom notes of patchouli and cedarwood

Even houseguests who’ve never heard of the God of Mischief (utter blasphemy…) will love this striking, wood wick candle. 

#4 CultureFly’s Marvel - Loki Collector’s Box

For the ultimate Marvel Universe fan with All The Merch, a comprehensive knowledge of Loki quotes, and a firm belief that Matt Damon should play them in a biopic, you need a gift that eclipses all others.

CultureFly’s Marvel - Loki Collector’s Box is perfect for Marvel fans of this caliber (or Loki lovers at any level). 

CultureFly’s boxes always feature unique items, since all the trinkets within are made in-house. You simply can’t find CultureFly merch on Etsy or Amazon. 

Plus, a Nerd Box always offers an element of surprise—you never really know what will be inside, and what would the Trickster God love more than that?

Loki Crown

#5 Loki Fine Line Pose Sticker

We’re headed for a niche crossover here, but if you have room to love Harry Styles as much as you love Loki, this sticker is for you. 

This precious decal really has it all:

  • A charming doodle of Loki
  • A Loki-inspired version of Harry’s album cover ensemble (white pants included)
  • The hand-on-hip-paired-with-low-key-finger-gun pose you know and love

#6 Alligator Loki Necklace

“Hang on, are you telling me that thing’s a Loki, too?”

If you simply can’t resist a good variant, why not turn to our favorite neighbor’s-cat-eating, self-aware, Loki-crown-wearing alligator? Better yet, why not adorn yourself with a necklace featuring this mighty beast?

Available in gold and silver (though, in the interest of staying on theme, we recommend the former), this necklace is sure to get a giggle out of the Loki fan in your life. 

#7 Loki Glitter Wine Glass

For Loki lovers 21 and up, why not give the gift that keeps on giving bottle after bottle? 

This glittering, glorious wine glass emblazoned with a Loki helmet is the perfect trinket for your resident Loki aficionado. The glitter will refract the surrounding light, creating an aura of Asgardian delectation with every sip. 

Did we mention it has glitter

#8 Loki Crown Baseball Cap

If you’d rather save the full Loki crown for formal occasions, you can still inspire fear in the hearts of meager mortals with this Loki crown baseball cap.

The signature dark green and gold will match perfectly with your daywear—a set of leather armor, a flowing green cape, or your floral romper. 

#9 Holographic Loki Crown Sticker

Consider this holographic Loki crown decal if the green-and-gold color scheme doesn’t go with your decor (or the rest of the stickers on your laptop).

Just like our favorite anti-hero, this sticker effortlessly catches the light—and inspires the urge to grovel. 

#10 Asgard T-Shirt 

While it may not be Loki’s true birthright, you must admit that Asgard (and the Bifrost, obviously) is just plain beautiful. 

If you secretly long for the towering gold castles, the long flowing robes, and the seemingly-vibrant community theater scene of Asgard, this t-shirt is for you. 

Pair it with the alligator Loki necklace, a pair of socks from the Loki Collector’s Box, or your own Loki crown, and you’ll have no problem finding the true believers in your midst. 

No Tricks Here —CultureFly’s Premium Subscription Boxes for Mega-Fans

It will be sometime before the second season of the Loki series reappears on Disney Plus. While waiting for Marvel Studios to finish production of the second season, you'll have to contend yourself with reading comic books, watching reruns, Thor, Thor Dark World, and Thor Ragnarok, and collecting Loki merchandise. 

Loki is irresistible. His quips, mischief, and signature smirk keep us coming back for more. The Loki merchandise above is sure to satisfy any die-hard fan.

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