10 Best Gifts That Any Weeb Will Appreciate

Between all the franchises, characters, and themed merchandise, deciding what gift to give your favorite anime fan is challenging. It may even be more challenging than when Naruto had to face Kaguya Otsutsuki in the most epic anime fight scene of all time. 

But don’t channel your inner Taiga Aisaka just yet. From apparel and a subscription anime box to chopsticks and tea sets, there’s no shortage of gifts that will make any weeb shout “Sugoi!”

To that end, here are the 10 best weeb gifts that any true weeb will appreciate.

#1 Chopsticks Set

different designed chopsticks on table

Fans of anime are deeply invested in every aspect of Japanese culture, and chopsticks are no exception. It might seem like a simple thing, but chopsticks make a touching gift idea for anyone that identifies as a weeb

Show your loved one how much you care by getting them a set that’s personalized with:

  • Their name 
  • The name of their favorite anime 
  • The name of their favorite anime character 


Or you can shop around to find a set decorated with artwork from their favorite franchise.

#2 Anime Tea Sets 

Real weebs—like the anime character they love—drink tea. If you’re shopping for a die-hard anime lover, why not get them a tea set? 

A traditional Japanese tea set makes a fantastic gift idea for anime fans who want to recreate the worlds they watch and read about. You can even find anime-inspired designs that will have your loved one reliving their favorite anime with each sip.

#3 Anime Backpacks

Anime backpacks make excellent gifts for weeb friend. From series like Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Black Butler to characters like Light Yagami from Death Note, Pikachu from Pokemon,  to Itachi Uchiha of the Akatsuki, you can find styles that feature logos and faces from almost every anime in existence.

#4 Anime Subscription Box

my hero academic collection box items

One of the best things you can do for your favorite anime aficionado? Gift them the gift that keeps on giving—an anime subscription box set.

When you sign up your weeb friend for an anime subscription box from CultureFly, they’ll get a monthly delivery of merchandise from their favorite anime, like: 

  • Toys, Plushies, & collectibles
  • Themed apparel
  • Comics 
  • Stationery & decor


Subscription boxes take the fuss out of choosing the perfect gifts for weebs. Each box has something for everyone, so you’re guaranteed to please even the most niche anime fan. Find the best anime subscription box with us where each collectible is made by an anime fan for an anime fan.

#5 Japanese Snack Subscription 

And speaking of subscriptions, a subscription for Japanese snacks is high on the list of best gifts for weebs. 

Similar to anime subscription boxes, you can send boxes of Japanese goodies like teas, treats, and candies. They’re a great way to help your favorite anime fan or otaku truly immerse themselves in Japanese culture. 


#6 Anime Clothing and Apparel

demon slayer hat with character posing

Send the anime lover in your life off in style with apparel from their favorite anime.

T-shirts and hoodies emblazoned with some of the best anime characters are a great way for anime fans to wear their love of the genre on their sleeves—literally. 

But don’t stop there—socks, jackets, hats, and fanny packs are all ways to ensure your anime fan is geared down from head to toe.

#7 Anime Phone Accessories 

Phone accessories are a popular way for anyone to express themselves, and anime fans are no exception. A phone case from their favorite show lets them carry around a little of what they love in their pocket. 

If you really want to make an impression, you can get personalized or even engraved cases. 

#8 Anime Collectibles

When it comes to buying gifts for weebs, you can’t go wrong with collectibles. From licensed figurines of the most popular shows and characters to special edition book sets, anime fans go wild for collectible knick-knacks. 

And with all the options out there, you’re sure to find a collectible your anime lover will cherish, like: 

  • Figurines
  • Novelty keychains
  • Coffee mugs
  • Enamel pins
  • Themed journals and notebooks


These are just a few of your many options when shopping for weebs.

#9 Anime Cosplay

If you have an anime lover in your life, you probably already know how important cosplay is to their fandom. Anime fans love to dress up in their favorite character, so why not help them out by getting them some cosplay items? 

You don’t have to buy an entire costume to get your anime fan into the cosplay spirit. Keep it simple with: 

  • Anime cosmetic sets 
  • Headband sets
  • Character masks
  • Props, swords, and other accessories


#10 Anime Bedding

Younger anime fans might really enjoy sleeping on bed sheets printed with graphics from their favorite shows. Add pillowcases and a warm fleece throw to the mix, and you’ve got an anime-themed bed set that’s perfect for any fan.

Giving the Gift of CultureFly

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