Best Anime Collectors Boxes & Anime Subscription Boxes

Sometimes, watching (or rewatching) your favorite anime shows or anime fight scenes on Netflix or Hulu just isn’t enough. For any real anime lover, Japanese culture merchandise is what it’s all about. 

Fortunately, getting new merchandise is easy with CultureFly. We’ve got four handcrafted anime boxes including collector’s boxes, anime merch, and a quarterly anime subscription box designed to satisfy even the most avid anime fan. 

Looking for the best anime merch, collector’s box, or subscription box? Learn more about our enticing gifts for anime lovers and for a list of the best anime collectors boxes, merch, and the best anime subscription boxes from CultureFly! 

#1 My Hero Academia Subscription Box

anime boxes with items

Go beyond PLUS ULTRA, and enjoy a My Hero Academia Subscription Box filled with exclusive merch delivered to you every quarter. For $35.99 per subscription box billed to you quarterly, you’ll receive new, exclusive items, all of which are not available in stores or anywhere else online. 

Unlike a monthly box, each subscription box features new MHA merch during each quarter below:

  • Spring Box – Billed April 10th, ships mid-May.
  • Summer Box – Billed June 10th, ships late July.
  • Fall Box – Billed September 10th, ships late October.
  • Winter Box – Billed November 19th, ships early December.

  • With every anime subscription box, you’ll get surprise collectibles, apparel, accessories, stationary, and more. 


    #2 My Hero Academia Collector’s Box I

    collectors box with deku items

    Next up, we have the My Hero Academia Collector’s Box I. This collector’s box costs $25 per box. 

    Here’s an idea of the type of merchandise you’ll receive with this premium surprise box, here’s a sneak peek of a recent My Hero Academia box and the anime content included:

    • An Ochako Uraraka pint glass
    • An Izuku Midoriya snapback hat
    • A Katsuki Bakugo lapel pin
    • A Shoto Todoroki vinyl figure
    • An All Might and Izuku tapestry

    If My Hero Academia is your favorite anime, this mystery box is made just for you. 


    #3 My Hero Academia Deku Collector’s Box

    items of my hero acadmeia box with blue background

    If you really love this anime series and want something a little more specific for your My Hero Academia goodies, look no further. Our My Hero Academia Deku Collector's Box contains incredible anime collectibles that are perfect for any anime fan.

    This collector’s box is all about the star of the show: Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku. For $20, customers will get exclusive Deku merchandise with this collector’s box. Some of the hot anime collectibles available right now include:

    • A quirky coin bank shaped like Deku’s head
    • A replica Deku notebook
    • A turquoise Deku scarf
    • Four unique My Hero Academia postcards
    • A deceptive “pencil” pen

    Fans can expect even more exclusive merchandise with each box, along with a mystery item or two, we won’t tell you about just yet.

    #4 Dragon Ball Z Box

    dragon ball z box with pop culture collectibless

    For the more traditional anime lover, our curated Dragon Ball Z Box may be right up your alley. 

    With the Dragon Ball Z Box, you’ll get tons of official merchandise every quarter. Our most recent box is full of fun, stylish apparel, geek accessories, and pop culture collectibles, including:

    • A black and orange zip-up hoodie, decked out in Goku Saiyan Saga symbols
    • A blue Capsule Corp. water Bottle
    • Adorable Goku plush toy
    • An epic sliding enamel pin of Goku blasting a Kamehameha Wave
    • White, yellow, and blue Vegeta socks
    • Holographic piccolo notebook
    • Two rubber bracelets featuring Dragon Ball catchphrases 
    • Two vinyl decal stickers of the Capsule Corp. logo and dragon balls

    This jam-packed box costs $39.99 and features new Dragon Ball merchandise every quarter. If you're a die hard lover of this past time popular anime series, the Dragon Ball Z geek box is for you.


    How CultureFly Anime Subscription Boxes Work

    Before you choose an anime box and finalize your subscription, you probably have a few questions about how CultureFly works. Fortunately, we’ve got all the answers to your questions, plus a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of your anime subscription.

    Let’s dive in:

    How Does Shipping Work?

    CultureFly's best anime subscription boxes can be shipped to all 50 states, as well as Canada. Customers in the U.S. will pay an additional $7 for flat-rate shipping, while Canadian customers will have to pay $20 USD. 

    Once you’ve paid your quarterly bill, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation via email. Tracking information for your package will be included in this email, and customers can expect their otaku box to arrive within one to five business days. 

    What Payment Plans Are Available?

    CultureFly customers have two options for their subscription payment plans:

    • Quarterly plan – With the quarterly payment plan, you’ll be billed four times per year—approximately a month before each anime box goes out.
    • Annual plan – With the annual payment plan, customers can pay for all four of the best subscription boxes upfront. This plan saves customers $5 per box, and $20 in total each year.

    With either plan, your account will be set to automatic renewal. If you want to opt-out of your subscription service, you’ll need to do this manually through our website. Simply go to Manage All Other Subscriptions and select Status. From there you can switch between active and inactive.

    Apparel Size and Address Change

    Prior to each billing cycle, it’s important to make sure your information is updated. When you select an anime subscription box, you’ll be asked your clothing size (xs to 3x) and shipping information.

    If either of these has changed since your last anime subscription box, you’ll need to submit these updates by the following dates:

  • Spring – Before March 5th.
  • Summer – Before June 5th.
  • Fall – Before September 5th.
  • Winter – Before November 5th. 

    Pretty simple, right? That’s basically everything you need to know about CultureFly’s anime subscription box options. The only thing left to do is find your favorite and start receiving exclusive items and unique collectible pieces every month. 

    Your One-Stop-Shop For All Things Anime

    Here at CultureFly, our goal is to turn the best anime characters and anime shows into a full-blown experience with exclusive items. With subscription boxes, collector’s boxes, kids boxes and official anime merch all ranging from live-action sitcoms, we’ve got a little something for everyone.

    The process is as easy as filling out your shipping information—so what are you waiting for? Starting getting apparel and merchandise from your favorite anime series today, with CultureFly’s geek surprise box selection!