5 Best Gifts for Anime Lovers

So you know a lover of all things anime, huh? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected an amazing lineup of potential gifts perfect for all manga maniacs.

Japanese culture birthed the greatness of anime which has inspired pop culture in so many ways, from board games to apparel. This almost makes it overwhelming to decide on a great gift idea for an anime lover.

Whether you’re looking to don Naruto’s notorious headband or hoping to stay warm with a Demon Slayer beanie (the fires of hell are not included), we’ve got you covered with the following gift ideas for anime lovers:

  • Anime character portraits
  • Monthly anime box 
  • Anime apparel and accessories
  • Anime on Blu-ray
  • Anime-inspired board games

1. Anime Character Portraits

Anime is an incredible Japanese art form. Whether its complex characters are meticulously sketched upon gleaming manga pages or animated on glowing screens, there’s no doubt that each anime character is one of beauty. 

Although anime figures are strikingly realistic—despite the purple hair and iridescent eyes, anime actually offers an alternative to reality. Anime crafts a world of mysticism and romanticism that’s not found anywhere else, with elegant lines and colorful depictions.

As such, consider gifting your adorer-of-all-things-anime with a beautifully crafted portrait from their favorite anime. Most often, you can find an assortment of elegant illustrations and other anime merchandise of your loved one’s favorite character.

If you’re new to the world of anime, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best anime characters for your beloved gift-receiver:

  • Naruto – The legacy of Naruto—a rambunctious young ninja—spans across various series, as he strives to become his village’s coveted leader. His identifying accessory? A silver-plated headband atop spiked blonde hair. You can’t miss it. 
  • Goku – The star of the Dragon Ball anime series, Goku is a force of good within a world of magical and alien villains. His outfit of choice? An orange jumpsuit equipped with dark blue accessories. A Goku portrait is as eye-catching as his fire-set hair. 
  • Monkey D. Luffy – No, you won’t be gifting your anime-lover with a portrait of a monkey. This anime hero set sail for a life of piracy within his adored anime series. His appearance is just as laid back as a rum-riddled sea rover: a straw hat, an unbuttoned red shirt, and striking jean cut-offs. 


      No matter the anime character, you’re sure to surprise your anime lover with a beautifully illustrated anime portrait they can adorn to their all-too-white walls. 

      2. Monthly Anime Box

      boxes of anime with grey background

      CultureFly offers an assortment of themed anime boxes befitting anime lovers of all genres. Whether the theme is Dragon Ball Z (a series of battle-royale proportions) or My Hero Academia (think Harry Potter but with superheroes), CultureFly offers an effortless anime gift that’ll blow your anime lover away.

      Each geek box is complete with a heap of pop culture collectible items, including vinyl figures, cosplay apparel, epic home decor, and wondrous homeware—from mugs to desk organizers. 

      They’re one of the best anime subscriptions, too. Meaning you can gift your loved one over and over again—like the time loops of Kagerou Project.


      3. Anime Apparel and Accessories

      clipart of demon slayer

      If you’re unsure of what type of gift will best suit your anime-lover, consider suiting them in some anime apparel. You can’t go wrong with a basic T-shirt or baseball cap. 

      At Culturefly, we offer a slew of graphic tees embellished with characters from the most popular anime series, from One-Punch Man to Demon Slayer. Anime-inspired geek accessories are always fun too, whether it’s a beanie, a lanyard, or a keychain.

      Although, buying clothes for a family member or friend can be tricky, especially if you don’t know their size or personal taste. In that case, keep the following in mind before purchasing anime-inspired pop culture clothes:

        • Comfortable fabrics – Cotton, nylon, and silk are some of the most comfortable—and most common—fabrics on the market. You can’t go wrong gifting your manga-enthusiast a light and airy t-shirt or hoodie. 
        • Loose fits – If you don’t know your loved one’s exact size, it’s best to go for more loose-fitting attire with some stretch. Gravitate toward offerings in adult sizes, rather than junior sizes to ensure your anime lover can wear the apparel with pride.

          4. Anime on Blu-ray

          While some anime series are found on online streaming platforms, many series are as buried as an anime protagonist’s feelings. As such, a Blu-ray DVD is the perfect gift for lovers of off-the-beaten-path anime series. 

          It’s the gift that keeps on… replaying. 

          Some of the most popular anime Blu-ray DVDs include:

            • Inuyasha – The series follows a middle school student in modern-day Tokyo who’s transported to the Sengoku era after falling into a well. The manga is adapted into two television series. 
            • Spirited Away – Animated by Studio Ghibli, Spirited Away transports viewers into a world of gluttonous pigs, no-faced villains, and one girl’s journey toward saving her parents. 
            • Cowboy Bebop – It’s a science fiction anime series that follows humanity as they abandon an uninhabitable Earth, while bounty hunters called Cowboys wrangle intergalactic criminals. 
            • My Neighbor Totoro – Another Studio Ghibli masterpiece, the fantasy film follows a young girl and her friendship with a friendly spirit. 

              5. Anime Board Game

              If your anime lover loves fiery competition, a board game is a fun anime gift idea that can double as a collector’s item, too!

              Some popular anime series, like Yu-Gi-Oh! offer anniversary-edition board games complete with trading cards, rare tokens, and a general infusion of nostalgia. Others send players on quests akin to those taken by anime favorites like Monkey D. Luffy and Eren Jaeger of Attack on Titan.

              No matter the game, it’s sure to bring smiles embellished with rosy cheeks and adorably squinted eyes. 


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