What to Get a Weeb for Christmas

As weeb culture continues to grow in the US., Japanese animation is now easier to access than ever via streaming services. Luckily, that means shopping for a friend obsessed with Japanese culture is easier than ever. As the weather changes and holiday season arises, you may be thinking about what to get a weeb for Christmas.

If you’re holiday shopping for your favorite Otaku friend, this Christmas gift guide will give you the perfect starting point from anime subscription boxes to Manga merch. We’ve got Christmas gifts for weebs that will work for any budget this holiday season.

Time to go Christmas shopping!

Anime Themed Gifts

The transition to Weeb-dom often happens on the small screen. Whether they were converted by Miyazaki classics like My Neighbor Totoro or newer sensations like Demon Slayer, any anime lover is more than happy to jump into a new series or check out the latest anime movie as soon as it hits the US.

If you’re a casual anime fan, you can win some points by finding gifts for weebs like a rare DVD or Blu-Ray to give. Unfortunately, a true anime lover is likely already checking YouTube and combing the depths of the internet for fandubs of their favorite anime series before they hit their international release, so coming up with something fresh may be a challenge. 

However, anime collectibles make great anime Christmas gifts because they offer them something to display at home or work. Or, an anime gift mug with their favorite anime character to make them smile every morning. Anime apparel, like a themed shirt or socks, is a perfect Christmas gift that they will love to wear.


Japanese Role-Playing games include international hits like the Final Fantasy series or Pokemon, but there are tons of indie JRPGs that offer hours of content for any avid gamer. If you’re not sure what to buy, you can always get them a gift card to Steam, Nintendo, Xbox, or PS Now so they can download a game from their wish list. 


Manga is the bread and butter of Weebdom and Japanese Culture, and collectors will stop in any shop they can to find new volumes. Every manga collector is missing at least a few books on their shelf, and you can find them everywhere from chain bookstores to local comic shops. They also make for the perfect stocking stuffer. If you don't know what their favorite book is, try gifting a gift card. 

While some series, such as My Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Dragon Ball Z, are sure to be on their shelf in some form, you can ask what volumes they need. It’s never a bad idea to try to find brand new series for them to obsess over. 

Kawaii Decor

Kawaii, or the culture of cuteness in Japan, is a popular aesthetic trend for Weebs. Japanese dollar stores such as Daiso offer a variety of decals, figurine collections, and more to help your friends make their house into a home or decorate their office with something that reflects their personality.  


Japanese lessons can help your friend prepare for a trip to Tokyo, connect with a pen-pal, or absorb an anime series and manga in the original language, so they can enjoy the stories as they were meant to be told. While it may take a few years to master, working with a native speaker will jump-start their practice.  

If they already speak the language, you can still help. Japanese calligraphy, or shūji, is an art form that takes time to master. You can book lessons and complete the gift with a calligraphy set to help them practice. 

Japanese Snacks

Food has a unique way to help cultures connect, and nothing says “I love you” like a gift you can eat. Your Christmas gift will be far more personal if you go beyond the common Pocky, ramen, and wasabi peas and find some Japanese snacks that are adventurous for them to try. 

Calbee Shrimp Snack, Japanese Oreos, and Wagashi are great for stocking stuffers you can share. Better yet, there are over 300 Japanese Kit Kat flavors, and they are often given as gifts for luck because the word Kit Kat is a cognate “you are sure to succeed” in Japanese. 

Cosplay Gear

Convention lovers connect with other fans through elaborate costumes. Unfortunately, the cost of fabrics, sewing machines, and makeup can take a toll on the budget. Whether they want to dress like an Akatsuki from Naruto or prefer the lovable look of Pikachu, finding the right garb is a time-consuming and challenging task.

Find out what’s on their Christmas wishlist and help them complete the look for the next anime convention or costume party. 

Tickets to Anime Conventions

Even if they aren’t into cosplay, tickets to an upcoming anime convention make the perfect Christmas gift for a weeb. These conventions allow fans to meet some of the best anime characters, actors, and artists, as well as connect with other anime lovers in a safe, judgment-free environment to discuss their favorite anime theories and more.

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