9 Minecraft Gift Ideas for Any Age

Minecraft continues to stimulate the minds of creative gamers everywhere. If someone in your life is one of Minecraft’s 100 million+ dedicated players, why not honor their obsession with a Minecraft-inspired gift or a Minecraft box filled with amazing apparel?

From a Minecraft card game or a Minecraft coloring book to a book of different Mindcraft theories, there are great gift ideas for everyone. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday present or an upcoming holiday surprise, our guide to Minecraft gift ideas is sure to inspire—and even if you don’t opt for one of the cool Minecraft gifts below, our list can serve as an excellent springboard for finding the perfect gift. 

In this article, we’ll break down nine Minecraft themed gifts that are guaranteed to evoke a smile during your next gift exchange—if you can pry the Minecraft fiend in your life away from their latest dungeon exploration. 

#1 Minecraft T-Shirt

Minecraft T-Shirt

If you love Minecraft or are looking for the best gift for a Minecraft lover, you can't go wrong with a t-shirt. A quality graphic tee never goes out of style. Why not add a little Minecraft flair to your resident nerd’s wardrobe? 

There are countless Minecraft t-shirt options on the market. From personalized duds to artistic interpretations of Minecraft’s signature graphic style, you’re sure to find a t-shirt that resonates with the Minecraft fan in your life. Etsy alone features more than 1,00 Minecraft t-shirts.

#2 Foam Pickaxe

When players create a new Minecraft world, they have a critical first objective—creating a pickaxe. Without this quintessential tool, their character would be stuck digging for ore with their bare hands, which is far from efficient. 

As such, the pickaxe has become a universal symbol for Minecraft. Perhaps a foam pickaxe is the right addition to your resident Minecraft devotee’s real-life arsenal? Whether they mount it over the fireplace or use it as a friendly sparring weapon in the backyard, a foam pickaxe is a cool Minecraft gift that’ll never go out of style.

#3 Custom Character Portrait

Custom Character Portrait

Does your loved one’s Minecraft character have a signature look? Whether they’re always decked out in iron armor or they love getting creative with Minecraft’s pixel art character customizer, why not commission a custom portrait of their trusty avatar?

Whether you seek an artist on Fiverr, Thumbtack, or Etsy, a custom character portrait would make an excellent addition to your resident Minecraft guru’s art collection. 

#4 Gaming Gift Card

If a friend or relative moonlights as an MMO, RPG, or FPS gamer when they’re not digging for gold in Minecraft, a gaming gift card is an excellent gift idea. Consider picking up a gift card from one of the following places:

  • A large gaming chain, like GameStop
  • A local game shop
  • The PlayStation or Xbox store


Sometimes, the freedom to choose your own gift is the best gift of them all. 

#5 Minecraft Dungeons Collector’s Box

For a gift that keeps on giving all year long, CultureFly’s Minecraft box makes an excellent surprise for your resident miner. With exclusive merch and a curated collection delivered right to their door, your loved one will be greeted with a fresh array of Minecraft swag throughout their subscription duration. 

If the Minecraft lover in your life loves to show off their unique treasures, they’ll adore the surprises inside the CultureFly Minecraft box.

#6 Minecraft Refrigerator Magnets

Minecraft refrigerator magnets are the perfect gift for Minecraft fans of any age. Plus, gift-givers have many options for magnet styles. Consider some of the following ideas:

  • Magnet poetry with Minecraft-themed words
  • Personalized magnets
  • Mini-magnets with Minecraft symbols
  • Large character magnets

#7 LED Minecraft Torch

For players with a penchant for interior design, why not give them some Minecraft-themed home decor? 

As one of the most important tools for warding off monsters and lighting paths in a dungeon, torches are often one of the first tools players make in the game. This real-life torch looks exactly like the game’s trusty tool, and any bonafide Minecraft devotee will be thrilled to have a piece of the game in their home.

#8 Minecraft Fleece Blanket

For keeping warm during chilly, late-night gaming sessions, consider a Minecraft fleece blanket. Fleece blankets make excellent gifts for a variety of reasons:

  • You don’t have to figure out—or guess—a recipient’s clothing size
  • Fleece blankets can serve as decorative throws, adding a splash of color to living spaces
  • Nothing makes a houseguest feel more at home than sleeping under a fuzzy fleece

A fleece blanket emblazoned with the Minecraft logo, a scene from the game, or a giant pickaxe would make an excellent gift for any player. 

#9 Zombie and Enderman Dog Toys

When players encounter zombies and Endermen in-game who can scatter a player’s entire inventory, they might get a strange urge to grab the characters with their teeth, wrestle them to the ground, and bite them until they squeak. 

While players can’t do this in-game, why not gift the joy of watching a dog tear into the game’s most fearsome foes? Enderman and zombie dog toys would make a charming addition to any gamer-dog parent’s toy arsenal.

CultureFly’s Gaming Boxes: The Perfect Gift for Minecraft Super-Fans

With any of the excellent Minecraft gift ideas above, you’re sure to bring a smile to the face of the digital miner in your life. Whether you opt for a personalized character portrait, a fuzzy fleece, or a set of Minecraft-themed magnets, your resident player is sure to flash a smile before gritting their teeth over their keyboard once more. Whether they're a pro player researching Minecraft cheat commands or a new Minecraft player, there's a great gift idea for everyone.

But, there’s one Minecraft gift to rule them all—a CultureFly nerd subscription box. What’s not to love about our curated, exclusive collections of gamer merch, apparel, figurines, and artwork? When you purchase one of our exclusive boxes, you can choose the number of boxes and the theme—with just a few clicks, you can craft a customized, personal gift that speaks to the special gamer in your life.

At CultureFly, we’re making nerdy collections cool again. Help your resident Minecraft fan start—or continue—their collection with one of our curated gift boxes.


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