8 Best Super Mario Gift Ideas for Super Fans

Super Mario first entered our lives on October 18, 1985, when Super Mario Bros. was released on NES. We were introduced to our favorite plumber, the plight of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Toadstool, and the dark forces of Bowser, the King of the Koopa. Since that time, Mario has been a constant presence through the decades in his own games—plus sports games, battle games, Mario Party, Super Mario Odyssey, and Mario Kart.

In other words, Mario’s been busy. And so have his many fans, so much so that there are Mario theories circulating. This has sparked a huge super fandom packed with die-hard fans.

Do you need Super Mario gifts ideas for the Mario superfan in your life? If you know a fan who’s hung out with Nintendo Super Mario, Mario on NES, Nintendo Switch, and even Virtual Boy—a fan who already has everything—CultureFly has you covered. We’ll go over 8 of the best Super Mario gifts for adults and young fans that’ll make you into a hero in their eyes. Let’s go!

Super Mario Gift Boxes

With a multitude of Mario-related items, featuring everything from the new Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, and Super Mario Galaxy, CultureFly’s curated collector’s Mario box is a great gift idea, designed to let superfans show their love of Mario in numerous ways. Let’s give you an idea of some of your box options:


1) Super Mario Bros. NES Collector’s Box I

Bring the Mario fan in your life back to their first retro gaming adventure with Mario by getting them the best gift that includes:

  • A Mario figurine rendered in 8-bit and ready for proud display anywhere in their home or office
  • A cap featuring their favorite hero seizing a power-up, plus collectible pins to adorn their favorite bag or jacket—the perfect on-the-go accessories
  • A plushy featuring the iconic Bullet Bill enemy
  • A hangable sign so they can announce their home is practically part of Mushroom World

2) Super Mario Bros. NES Collector’s Box II

Want a different way to bring back 1985 for your Mario fan? This second box includes even more nostalgia-inducing items.

A coaster set and pint-glass make it possible for them to entertain, Mario-style. If they’re out and about, a Bowser beanie and collectible pin are sure to strike up a conversation with a fellow Super Mario fan. And a Mario plush blanket even lets them deck out their bedroom with their favorite hero. Finally, the set comes with a duffel bag, which can do double duty as gift wrap.


3) Super Mario Bowser Collector’s Box 

Maybe your gamer has a bit of a soft spot for the bad guys? Hey, we get it, and our Bowser collector’s box has all the goodies (baddies?) they’ll want to show their allegiance, including:

  • Decorative collectibles including a Bowser figurine and Koopalings canvas art 
  • Cozy touches including a Thwomp pillow and a pair of Bowser socks
  • A Chain Chomp keychain and a Bowser umbrella to complete their look
  • A Bowser duffel bag to store their stash or take to the gym

4) Mario Kart Collector’s Box 

Not everything is about saving the princess and defeating Koopa. Sometimes the greatest thrills come on the Super Mario Kart race track, and our Mario Kart collector’s box will help your Nintendo fan remember their triumphs. Just look out for the banana peel! (No, seriously, there’s a plush banana peel in the box). Also, look out for:

  • A Mariokart baseball cap
  • An LED light in the form of the iconic mystery item box
  • A blue shell figurine 
  • Tire coasters
  • A keychain


Super Mario Apparel

The true superfan will want to emblazon their fanship for all to see. If this sounds like someone you know, we have the perfect shirts to announce their love for all things Mario Brothers and look stylish while doing it (available in sizes ranging from small to triple extra-large). You can choose from the following Super Mario gift ideas:

5) Mario T-Shirt 

Why overcomplicate things? If you love Mario, show off Mario. This navy blue cotton shirt features everyone’s favorite Mario character next to the classic Super Mario logo.

6) Mario and Luigi High Five T-Shirt 

Let’s not forget Luigi! Super Mario Bros. is a hero’s story, but it’s also a story about brothers who work together to save the day. This navy cotton-blend shirt shows that brotherhood with the two high-fiving in solidarity.

7) Yoshi T-Shirt 

The world of Mario is full of great supporting characters, but perhaps none is more beloved than the kind and carefree Yoshi from Yoshi’s Island. Show your love of Mario’s dependable companion with this tee shirt featuring a joyful Yoshi, mid-run.

8) Rainbow Road Survivor T-Shirt 

For Super Mario Kart lovers, there’s no challenge quite like Rainbow Road. With a winding track that always threatens to send you hurtling into infinite space, there’s no wonder it is the final challenge of the special cup. Whether you've mastered the tracks on Wii U or your Nintendo Switch Lite, your Mario fan can show off their dominance of Rainbow Road with this spiffy black t-shirt.

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