12 Funniest Supernatural Episodes to Watch or Rewatch

Supernatural followed brothers Dean and Sam Winchester as they battled with forces of evil: demons, vampires, Lucifer, and even God himself. Along the way, they suffered the loss of friends and family as they fought for humanity.

Pretty heavy stuff.

Of course, what made Supernatural so watchable for its 15 season run was that all the darkness was tempered by the show’s unique sense of humor. Every Supernatural season contained funny moments and episodes. 

Here, we’ll list twelve of the funniest Supernatural episodes for you to revisit so you can enjoy some of the lighter moments of your favorite show. And don’t forget to stock up on Supernatural merchandise so you can really feel like a part of the show for the ultimate viewing experience of these funny Supernatural episodes. 

#1 The French Mistake – Season 6, Episode 15

While this list doesn’t follow any particular order, it would feel strange not to start with the iconic Supernatural episode “The French Mistake.” In this episode, the angel Balthazar sends the boys into an alternate universe for their protection. There, they find their lives are just a TV show called Supernatural and they’re just two actors named Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Meta.

Highlights include:

  • Misha Collins playing a preening, fanboy version of himself who wants nothing more than to ingratiate himself with the boys
  • Sam and Dean mistaking Genevieve Padalecki (Jared’s wife) for the demon Ruby (whom she played earlier in the series)

#2 Mystery Spot – Season 3, Episode 11

Arguably the funniest episode, “Mystery Spot” finds Sam reliving the same day over and over. The catch in this hilarious episode is that every single day sees his brother Dean killed. Sam needs to figure out how to get out of this time loop and save his brother before it’s too late.

Where can we find the humor in watching our hero die?

  • Once we realize we’re in a time loop, Dean’s deaths become more and more outlandish with a particularly funny example being when a piano falls on his head Looney-Tunes-style.
  • Sam can say every character’s lines along with them because he has lived the day so many times.
  • Dean becomes fascinated with the Pig ‘n a Poke breakfast option at the local diner.


#3 Changing Channels – Season 5, Episode 8

In this installment, the boys are yet again sent into an alternate universe, this time by the Trickster. For the entire episode, the Winchester brothers find themselves trapped in other popular TV shows including a sitcom, game show, and hospital drama.

You’ll get a kick out of:

  • The Japanese game show where the boys are punished for wrong answers by a large pendulum hitting them in their sensitive areas.
  • The “Dr. Sexy M.D.” parody of Grey’s Anatomy which finds the boys playing doctors embroiled in many romantic entanglements.
  • Sam’s herpes commercial.
  • The parody of CSI: Miami that features multiple puns and dramatic removal of sunglasses (despite taking place at night).

#4 Fan Fiction – Season 10, Episode 5

This was the 200th episode of Supernatural. In it, the boys investigate a haunting in a theater where a high school production happens to be staging a musical based on the Supernatural books Chuck wrote. In other words, it’s a musical of their lives.

  • Pretty much every musical number is a winner, including the emotional rendition of “Carry on Wayward Son” that the students perform.
  • In this episode, the term “BM” stands for “boy melodrama” and not, as Dean suspects, bowel movement, making for some of the episode's funniest moments.
  • This episode introduces the term “Destial,” which reflected the real-life fans of the show “shipping” the Castiel and Dean characters.

#5 Ghostfacers – Season 3, Episode 13

While this isn’t the first time we meet Ed and Harry (that was back in season 1), this is our first introduction to their new reality show Ghostfacers! Told in a found-footage reality show style, this adventure finds the boys both solving a mystery and trying to keep the bungling Ghostfacers alive in the process.

In this episode, the absurd Ghostfacers theme song and title sequence replace the normal title sequence.

The boys use bleeped profanity in this episode as opposed to the normal network-friendly dialogue of most episodes.

#6 The Real Ghostbusters – Season 5, Episode 6

Sam and Dean are tricked by Becky into attending a convention dedicated to Chuck’s Supernatural book series. There they find obsessed fans who cosplay as their own versions of Sam and Dean. 

  • In a twist, fans critique Sam and Dean for not being convincing versions of themselves.
  • Characters Damien and Barnes are an actual couple, making their versions of Sam and Dean a couple—an allusion to some popular fanfiction about the show.

But it’s not all fun and games. They also find deadly ghosts that threaten the safety of everyone at the convention, creating some funny scenes. Luckily, Chuck delivers a hilarious time-wasting speech while Sam and Dean deal with the ghostly threats outside.

#7 Baby – Season 11, Episode 4

The only character to make it through the entire run of the show other than Sam and Dean was their trusty 1967 Chevrolet Impala named Baby. And while it took 11 seasons, Baby finally got her showcase episode here, told entirely from the perspective of the car.

It took creativity to film this episode, which never leaves the perspective of the car itself.

  • Dean dispatches one of the monsters mostly offscreen (we see glimpses through the car’s windshield and via blood spatter) while Cas is on the phone unaware of what’s happening.
  • There’s a strange interlude where a valet takes a joyride in Baby with a friend.

#8 ScoobyNatural – Season 13, Episode 16

Sam, Dean, and, eventually, Cas are transported into the animated world of Scooby-Doo. There, they meet the Scooby gang and have to solve a ghostly mystery that’s a bit more serious than what Scooby and the gang are used to dealing with.

There are plenty of hijinks in this episode, including the following delights:

  • Seeing the boys in the animated world and all the silliness that ensues is pretty much a constant highlight throughout and true creative achievement.
  • Dean has a crush on Daphne and an irrational dislike of Fred as a result.
  • A burgeoning romance develops between Velma and Sam throughout the episode.
  • In the chase scene, characters enter and exit through different doors (often without logic) while chasing each other.

#9 Shut Up, Dr. Phil – Season 7, Episode 5

This one is for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans out there. It reunites Buffy alums James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter as a powerful warlock and witch going through some marital issues that the boys need to fix before more innocent people end up the collateral damage of this lover’s spat.

  • Seeing Carpenter and Marsters together onscreen will be a highlight for fans of both Buffy and the spinoff series Angel.
  • Sam and Dean have to play marriage counselors near the end of the episode to end the war between the two powerful yet angry lovers.
  • During the early nail gun scene, the name of the portable toilet company is BM disposals.


#10 LARP and the Real Girl – Season 8, Episode 11

When the boys investigate the death of a participant in a live-action role play (LARP), they find their old friend Charlie Bradbury. She now goes by Gilda and is the Queen of one of the parties of LARPers. The boys go undercover to figure out what’s going on.

There are plenty of memorable moments in this episode:

  • Dean gives the William Wallace speech from Braveheart.
  • Felicia Day’s portrayal of Charlie hits a perfect balance between total geek and believably desirable Queen of the LARPers.
  • The ongoing development of the trust between Dean and Charlie will continue to grow and pay off in tragic ways in future seasons.

#11 Dog Dean Afternoon – Season 9, Episode 5

While investigating mysterious murders, the boys realize the only witness is a dog, the Colonel. To question the dog, Dean takes a potion that should allow him to communicate with the animal. Soon Dean starts hearing the dog and becomes more in touch with the animal inside himself. That means he acts more and more like a dog throughout the episode, including wanting to play fetch and barking at a mailman.

He even argues with a pigeon after the bird poops on his car.The spell wears off just as the Colonel is about to explain that dogs aren’t man’s best friends and what their mysterious reason for staying with humans is.

#12 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester – Season 5, Episode 7

Bobby and the boys have to stop a witch who is running a poker game where the price is years of people’s lives instead of money. Bobby loses first, but when Dean takes over, things go from bad to worse as Dean loses so many years he becomes an old man.

But there’s humor in this transformation. Dean complains about the stairs after climbing only a couple of flights. He explains to Sam that he’ll understand “when you get to be my age…” to which Sam replies “Dean—you’re 30.”

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As you can see, Supernatural always had a sense of humor about itself. And while these are twelve of the funniest Supernatural episodes, they aren’t the only ones filled with laugh-out-loud moments. 

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