7 Best Gift Ideas for Supernatural Fans

From its first episode in September of 2005 to its final episode over 15 years later in November of 2020, Supernatural brought a weekly dose of joy and adventure to its legion of fans. And while Sam and Dean Winchester are no longer hunting demons on our TV screens, our love for them will “Carry On” (Wayward Son). 

What better way to celebrate the complete series than by getting the fan in your life some Supernatural merchandise and gifts to remind them of the time they spent with Dean and Sam Winchester (and Cas and Jack and Bobby and Rowena and Crowley and…you get the point)?

In this guide, we’ll look at seven of the best gifts for Supernatural fans. These Supernatural gift ideas will be sure to bring back memories of the boys and make the fan in your life feel like part of the team, ready to take on Lucifer or even God himself (though he’ll always be just Chuck to us). 

1) Supernatural Subscription Box

When you’re looking for the best Supernatural TV show gifts, look no further than CultureFly. The best place to start is the gift that will keep giving: the Supernatural subscription box. Our subscription boxes are the only officially licensed subscription boxes available. Each box is packed with over $100 worth of the coolest Supernatural gifts such as:

  • Apparel – Our boxes often contain t-shirts, jackets, socks, sweatshirts, or gloves. We may even send a replica of Bobby’s iconic baseball cap (just don’t wear it on the trail of Dick Roman or the Leviathans or you might end up with a hole in your head).
  • Accessories – Bags, totes, jewelry, and charms—we’ve got all the accessories to show off your love for the Supernatural fandom and maybe help you put together a spell or two of your own to ward off a demon.
  • Collectibles – Our boxes may include vinyl figures of your favorite characters. Some also include replica props so you can wield your very own first blade like the Winchester brothers.
  • Stationery – Notebooks, pens, folders, and other stationery will keep your love of Supernatural close when you need to do your deep research into Enochian sigils.
  • Homeware – From mugs to cutting boards, show off your love of Supernatural to any dinner guests while you prepare them Dean’s favorite “Pig ‘n a poke.”
  • Decor – Finally, our boxes will include a variety of decor options from posters to pillows so your home can fully reflect your fandom.

And best of all, subscription boxes arrive every quarter! Any true Supernatural superfan will love knowing there are always new goodies to look forward to.


While the ultimate accessory for any Supernatural fan may be a 1967 Chevy Impala that they can name Baby, there are more affordable options available (and anyway, Jensen Ackles took the actual Impala used on the TV show with him after filming wrapped). Some ideas for accessories you could look for include:

2) Dean’s Ring 

Dean’s silver, steel ring makes a great, understated accessory for any fan. Wear it on the ring finger of the right hand to be just like this Supernatural character. The brave can even try to use it to open a bottle of beer.

3) Dean’s “God-Detecting“ Amulet 

While a replica amulet may not “burn hot in God’s presence” like Dean’s, hopefully gifting it will earn you the same reaction Sam got when he first gifted it to Dean: “I…I love it.”

4) Supernatural Phone Cases 

Available for iPhones and Galaxy phones, these cases will remind your fan of their favorite show any time they send a text.

5) Supernatural Playlist

The music of Supernatural was almost as memorable as its characters. From “Carry On Wayward Son” by Kansas to “Running on Empty” by Jackson Browne, a playlist with some of Supernatural’s best music is a thoughtful gift to let the fan in your life relive their favorite moments from the show.


Another sure way to signal fandom? Emblazon it on your clothes. These perfect gift ideas will let the Supernatural fan in your life show off their fandom whenever they want.

6) Is Ketchup a Vegetable? T-Shirt 

Oh, Castiel. Everyone’s favorite angel could be a bit naive about the ways of the world. In season 10’s “Thing We Left Behind,” Claire tells him that ketchup counts as a vegetable which leads him to pose the iconic query, “Is Ketchup a vegetable?” Dean’s response: “Hell, yes!”

7) Castiel’s Trenchcoat

The character’s signature style lives on well after the show’s wrap. And there was perhaps no item more associated with a character than Castiel’s trenchcoat (worn regularly by Misha Collins). This would make for an angelic gift for any Cas fan.

Supernatural and Superfan Gifts at CultureFly

At CultureFly, we’re fans first, which gives us a leg up in understanding what fans want. No matter what you’re into—whether it’s hunting demons with the Winchester family or laughing along with Michael Scott and the gang at the office—we have the perfect gift to show off your fandom.

Check out all we have to offer from apparel and accessories to subscription boxes full of mystery collectibles.

Let your fan flag fly proudly with CultureFly!


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