7 Unique Gifts for Video Game Lovers & Gamers

Finding the perfect gift for the video gamers  in your life is no simple task. From a gaming console with specialty headsets to specific video games featuring the most famous video game characters, knowing which item is right for your gamer can seem as perilous as saving Hyrule from the villainous hands of Ganondorf. 

But coming up with gift ideas for gamers who have everything doesn’t have to be an impossible mission. We’ve pulled together a list of the best gifts for video game lovers you can find, including our video game subscription box collection.

#1 Video Game Collector’s Boxes 

If you really want to stun the gamer in your life with your gift-giving skills, get them a video game collector’s box. Collector’s boxes are like goodie bags of gamer-centric merchandise that will please any gamer. And because they’re stuffed with video game swag, they’re a great way to get your gamer multiple gifts in one. 

Collector’s boxes come themed to practically any game, system, or interest you can think of. Packed with rare, officially licensed merchandise like apparel, toys, notebooks, decor, and other collector’s items, collector’s boxes make it impossible to disappoint. 

At CultureFly, all of the merchandise in our gaming boxes is made by fans for fans. So, you can be sure that the gamer in your life will love the unique merch.

#2 LED TV Backlight

Gamers are dedicated practitioners of their sport who spend hour after hour diligently striving to improve their play. While that kind of dedication might be good for their leaderboard standing, it can present an enormous strain on their eyes. Headaches, blurry vision, and even vision loss or deterioration can be a result of excessive gaming.

If you’re worried about the eyes of your gamer friend, consider getting them an LED backlight for their TV or computer monitor. Backlights are a great gift idea because they look cool—imagine lights in alternating colors and hues glowing gently around your TV screen—and they can help protect your gamer’s vision. 

Using an LED backlight can:

  • Help improve the screen’s contrast ratio 
  • Reduce eye strain
  • Increase and sharpen picture quality 

Backlights, sometimes called “bias lighting,” come in a variety of styles. More basic models simply glow behind the screen, while other models can be synced with your computer or smart TV so that the colors displayed match those of the game being played—providing a gaming experience that’s both immersive and easy on the eyes.

Bonus Idea: Blue Light Glasses

LED backlighting can go a long way to protecting your gamer’s eyes. But for added eye protection, consider getting the gamer friend you love a pair of blue light glasses. Blue light glasses are great for gaming because they can:

  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce screen-induced headaches
  • Less eye strain

Get a pair themed to your gamer’s favorite game or a quirky, more personalized pair.

#3 Gaming Lapboard or Lapdesk

Gaming lapboards or lapdesks are a great gift for gamers who want to play in comfort. Essentially, they are portable desks that are designed to accommodate a keyboard and a gaming mouse. 

These days, with all the advancements in streaming and smart TV technologies, gamers are no longer relegated to their computer desks. Even a PC gamer wants to experience their entertainment on the biggest screens possible, like television and projectors. But balancing a keyboard, mouse, and other gaming accessories while sitting on the couch can interfere with their playing.

A gaming lapboard solves that problem, giving your gamer a comfortable way to play. Lapboards put everything your gamer needs right there in front of them. They’re designed with ergonomics in mind so that your gamer doesn’t have to worry about the aches and pains that can be associated with gaming. 

They also offer cross-console compatibility, allowing your gamer to play their favorite Xbox or Playstation games with a keyboard and mouse. 

#4 Gaming Headset

No gamer is complete without the perfect headset, which is why gaming headsets routinely rank at the top of lists of cool gifts for gamers. 

Sure, most computers and gaming systems are compatible with even your most basic pair of headphones. But gaming headsets offer superior sound quality and comfort compared to more general models. When shopping for a headset for the gamer in life, be sure to look for the following: 

  • Microphone – The days of the solitary gamer squirreled away in his room are long gone. These days, gaming—like so many aspects of our society—has gone social. Communicating with other players is now a big part of the gaming lifestyle, so make sure the headset has a microphone attached so that your gamer can be heard.
  • Durability – Not all gaming headsets are created equal. Gaming can get kind of intense—many a controller or headset has been tossed across the room after a crucial loss. Be sure to invest in a quality headset that can withstand whatever abuse it might experience.
  • Customizable – What a gamer needs from a headset will vary from person to person and game to game, so it’s a good idea to look for a headset that offers customizable options. From frame style to cushion size to personalization options, there is an unlimited number of ways to soup up a pair of gaming headsets.

Bonus Idea: Gaming Headset Stand

If you’re thinking of getting a headset for your gamer, consider pairing it with a quality headset stand. Headset stands are a great way for your gamer to keep their headset in good condition, providing a safe and easy way for them to store it when they aren’t playing.

#5 Controller Charging Dock 

A controller charging dock is the perfect gift for the gamer who wants to play for hours and stay organized.

Available cross gaming systems, charging docks are a great way to make sure their controllers are always ready to go when they are. Never again will your gamer sit down to play their favorite game only to be faced with a dead controller. 

What’s more, charging docks can help keep the gaming area tidy and clutter-free. Even wireless controllers occasionally need to be plugged in, adding to the mess of wires and cables going in and out of the gaming system. Charging docks eliminate the need for additional wires—you just fit the controller into the dock and it’s ready to charge.

#6 Gaming Keyboard

For any PC gamer, keyboards are the command center of their gaming universe. Along with the mouse, the gaming keyboard is an intimate extension of the gamer herself, controlling every jump, kick, or other maneuvers, and acting as the primary connection between gamer and game. 

Gaming keyboards come in almost innumerable designs and styles, from extravagant models studded with media controls, switches, and backlit keys, to more streamlined designs that focus on accessibility. Tenkeyless options that skip the number pad in favor of more desk space and styles that feature OLED displays for neat graphics are other options to make the gift special.

#7 Gaming Subscription 

The world of gaming is changing. It’s no longer necessary for gamers to rush to their favorite store to pick up a hard copy of the latest game the day it comes out. These days, most games are available for digital purchase and download directly from the gamer’s console or PC.

This means your options for buying a gift your gamer will love are even more plentiful. If you’re not sure which specific games your gamer is into, consider gifting them a subscription. 

Gaming subscriptions take the guesswork out of buying for your gamer. When you sign them up for a subscription service, they'll have access to a database of games to choose from, making it easy for them to play old favorites and discover new ones. Your gamer will love the options and the bonuses offered by many services, like: 

  • Cross-device play – There’s no need to worry about consoles and platforms—a good number of subscription services are accessible across a variety of gaming systems.
  • Better value – Despite their monthly cost, in the long run, subscription services offer more bang for your buck. Some services charge as little as $10 a month, which is far below the price you’ll pay for a new game on its own.

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