7 Best Gaming Collectors Boxes for Video Game Lovers

As a dedicated gamer, you live and breathe video games. In your world, spare time is just code for gaming time. And when you’re not gaming, you’re thinking about gaming, or talking about it with your friends. Or you might even be hashing out the details and storylines of all the worlds and universes famous video game characters you love.

If you’re a video game fanatic who wants to embellish their real-world surroundings with exclusive merchandise from your favorite games, consider getting a video game subscription box or collector’s box. 

Stuffed with exclusive, officially branded merchandise and gear, collector’s boxes are a great way to get in on the game. 

CultureFly offers the best gaming subscription boxes and exclusive collector’s boxes at a great price. Let’s take a look at some of the most coveted. 


#1 Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Fans of Animal Crossing, rejoice! Now you can take your love of the simulation video game off the island with this collector’s Animal Crossing box.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons collector’s box is one of our most premium boxes. Among the exclusive merchandise included in this super geek box are:

  • Bluetooth Speaker – You’ll love listening to your favorite K.K. Slider songs on this cool Bluetooth speaker printed with the Animal Crossing logo.
  • Tom Nook Hat – Let everyone know who’s in charge with this ball cap featuring the head of Nook, Incorporated, and unofficial island leader, Tom Nook.
  • Socks – Pair your brand-new Tom Nook hat with these exclusive Animal Crossing: New Horizons socks for a full, head-to-toe look. 

From ice cube trays to drinking glasses to a journal for recording every second of your island adventures, the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Collector’s Box II has everything for the true Animal Crossing aficionado. 


#2 Halo Infinite Collector’s Box I

Halo Infinite Collector’s Box I

Halo is one of the most loved video games of all time, and with the impending release of its sixth installment, Halo Infinite, just around the corner, that popularity is sure to grow. You’ll be all set for the premiere with this collector’s Halo box.

The Halo-themed water bottle comes with its own utility pouch and will keep you hydrated through any battle. And you’ll strike just as imposing a figure as Master Chief in the helmet-like baseball cap. Also included:

  • Iron-on patches
  • Tech decals
  • Mini collectible vinyl helmet

And at only $30 ($22.50 for members), this loot box is a great deal. Though he’d never say so, Master Chief would be proud. 


#3 Mario Kart Collector’s Box


Mario Kart Collector’s Box


Fans of Nintendo's enduring classic Mario Kart will love all the goodies packed into this gaming loot box. The Mario Kart box has unique collectibles that allow you to embrace your love for the game.

Cross the finish line in style in a cap printed with the game’s iconic prizes and obstacles. Keep your surfaces dry and race-ready with the tire coasters. And make sure you’re always ready to ride with a Mario Kart keychain. 

Just be careful—you don’t want to slip on the banana peel plush and go careening off the track! 


#4 The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Box – Box II

The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Box – Box II

You can never go wrong with a classic. For over 30 years, the noble warrior Link has been the faithful guard of Hyrule. Now, you can go on your own epic quest with this Legend of Zelda collector’s box.

The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Box – Box II is packed with officially licensed merchandise you won’t find anywhere else, including an exclusive item like a specialty Triforce pen, a collective pin of the Hero of Time himself, and a vinyl figure featuring the legendary Hylian Shield and Master Sword. You can even plan your next Hyrulian adventure with the map throw blanket! 


#5 Minecraft Dungeons Collector’s Box


Minecraft Dungeons Collector’s Box


Ever wondered how your favorite pixelated dungeon crawler game would look in the real world? Well, look no further than this official collector’s Minecraft box. Some of the exclusive merchandise you’ll find here include the iconic piggy bank coin bank (it even stands upright!) and one collectible coin. But there’s more to this awesome pack. Included in this collection is wearable merch, such as a cap and a key-golem-designed pair of socks.


#6 Overwatch Collector’s Box


Overwatch Collector’s Box


Is Reaper your favorite character in Overwatch? Or how about Lucio? Are you team Mei when playing the Winter Wonderland seasonal event? This collector’s Overwatch box has all of their collectibles and more! Whenever you and your friends are having an Overwatch session, serve some beer in a Reaper-designed pint glass. Or let the world know you’re a loud and proud Lucio stan by wearing a Lucio hat. Other collectibles in this limited edition box include:

  • Mei’s Snowball Ice Cube Mold
  • Overwatch vinyl details
  • Roadhog and Junkrat Chip Clips


Make your Overwatch sessions Instagram-worthy with these exclusive collectibles.


#7 The Last of US Part II Collector’s Box


The Last of US Part II Collector’s Box


Do you think you can survive in the The Last of Us universe? You may not get to experience it in real-life, but you can at least have some of the gear. This Last of Us gaming box includes an exclusive The Last of Us satchel bag, water bottle (designed with Ellie’s tattoo), keychain bottle openers, and a pair of coasters. With these exclusive merchandise, you can just as easily imagine yourself being part of The Last of Us world. 


Start Collecting Today with CultureFly 

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