The History of CultureFly: Pusheen Box

A lot of you are probably thinking, “Hey CultureFly! How did you decide to make subscription boxes?” Or maybe you’re not thinking that, but here is the answer! It’s actually a real cool story.

Before CultureFly became the full team it is today, it used to be just a small creative bunch. The team was working with Pusheen Corp to make apparel featuring the adorable gray cat, but they wanted to do more! There weren’t a lot of Pusheen products out there, especially ones fans really wanted to have. What can be exclusive, special, and perfect for Pusheen lovers? A box that arrives at your door!

The CultureFly team started to get to work! Since they wanted to launch the first box for the holiday season, they stuck with a winter theme. To help make ideas for these one-of-a-kind items, they pulled out a giant board and began putting designs all over it. The CultureFly team went back and forth with Pusheen Corp to make the first box as amazing as possible. One of the first items they came up with was the Pusheen vinyl. The vinyl is super special because it never existed before the Pusheen Box. Other items included a beanie for the cold, holiday greeting cards, a USB port that looks like a mug, 3 coasters, a cute keychain, an exclusive tee, a travel mug, and a pocket warmer! Of course, there were items that were designed that didn’t make it. Just too many cool items! Some that couldn’t even fit in the box. Like, physically could not fit. Speaking of the box, the design itself changes every quarter. This is because the initial thought was that the box itself was also collector’s items! Gotta make them look sweet!

The first ever Pusheen Box launched on October 22, 2015! The team was so excited for Pusheen fans to place orders. But then, something crazy happened. So many people wanted a box that the website couldn’t handle it and crashed! The hype was too real. That’s when the CultureFly team realized they started something big.

And then the rest was history! As you can see, each Pusheen Box is handled with care when figuring out what goes in each on every quarter. 

If you haven’t signed up for a Pusheen Box subscription, what are you waiting for? Just click here!

We also have a huge Pusheen collection on our website with Pusheen apparel, home goods, accessories, and more! So, be sure to make your Pusheen style and collection #builtbyCultureFly.

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