8 DC Comics Gifts for All Fans

For over 80 years, DC Comics has captivated fans across the globe. Iconic characters in DC Comics history, such as Superman and Wonder Woman, have inspired audiences of all ages, while some of the best DC comic storylines have transported readers into other dimensions and alternate realities. From comic books, to movies, to classic animated series’, DC Comics have provided fans with an endless universe of adventure and joy. 

That’s why when it comes to impressing DC fans, you’ll need to be equipped with some super gift ideas. Whether you’re shopping for your favorite DC devotee, or adding to your own DC shrine, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best DC Comics gifts for adults and children. You’ll find everything from apparel to a DC subscription box with quarterly surprises.


#1 DC Comics’ World’s Finest Collection Subscription Box 

If you’re searching for a gift that keeps on giving, look no further than DC Comics’ World’s Finest Collection Subscription Box from CultureFly. Every three months, you’ll receive a uniquely themed, mystery geek box packed with DC collectibles and DC Comics merchandise sure to impress any superhero fan.

Why are we so sure? 

Because you can’t find these items anywhere else. CultureFly’s team of creative DC experts designs one-of-a-kind collectible gifts for DC fans, and manufactures them in-house. That means if you miss out on a subscription, you miss out on these exclusive DC items. 


#2 Batman Smartwatch Band

No one does gadgets (and branding) quite like DC Comics‘ Batman. But with this MobyFox Smartwatch Band, you can transform your Apple Watch into a Batwatch that would make Bruce Wayne a little envious. Whether you’re cleaning up the streets or cleaning up your (bat) kitchen, this sweat and UV-resistant band can outlast all your caped crusades. Plus, it features the iconic yellow Batman logo for a truly timeless look. 


#3 Green Lantern Ring

Give your DC fan the gift of incomparable power, er...we mean style, with a DC Comics’ Green Lantern Ring. Made of stainless steel and green resin enamel, a Green Lantern ring lets fans of all ages show their commitment to the Green Lantern Corps. 


#4 Injustice 2 

Trying to think of a perfect gift idea for a DC fan who loves gaming (and some serious superhero drama)? Check out Injustice 2. The successor to Injustice: Gods Among Us, this action-packed video game pits your favorite character or DC characters against each other as DC Batman’s new regime takes on Gorilla Grodd’s society of villains and the world-capturing alien, Brainiac. 

Plus, if you spring for the Legendary Edition, you’ll receive premier character skins, along with exclusive DLC fighters, including Hellboy, Enchantress, Sub-Zero, and all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cowabunga, dude! 


#5 Gotham City Under Siege 

Inspired by Batman: The Animated Series, is a five-player board game that will have you and your friends leaping across rooftops to stop crime and take down Gotham’s most vile villains. Choose to play as either the Dark Knight himself, Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman, or Commissioner Gordan and the Gotham City Police. 


#6 DC Comics Encyclopedia 

Since its inception, DC action comics have developed a universe of over 1,100 unique superheroes and villains. For the ultimate who’s-who of this expansive franchise, the DC Comics Encyclopedia is a great gift. Within this 368-page guide, fans are given exclusive access to detailed character breakdowns, updated storylines, and even original comic book art.  


#7 Vintage DC Postcards 

Speaking of original art, Chronicle Books’ pack of vintage comic postcards feature DC comic book covers from the 1930s through the 1980s. Wish your friends a happy birthday with the help of the Justice League, or choose the Martian Manhunter for help writing a thoughtful thank you note. With 100 cards in every pack, you can even decorate your living room or office with a collage of vintage DC artwork. 


#8 Women of Action Book 

Find inspiration from fierce female heroes with DC: Women of Action. This book packs a serious punch, exploring the strong, independent women of the DC universe, as well as the women who helped bring them to life. With colorful illustrations and detailed information, you can learn the history behind such characters as Poison Ivy, Bumblebee, Black Canary, and Hawkgirl. 


CultureFly: The Ultimate DC Gift Experience

For a DC gift experience that incorporates clothing, accessories, games, and more, choose CultureFly. As superhero fans ourselves, CultureFly understands how to create DC comics gifts that embody the iconic style and powerful feel of the DC universe. With a CultureFly subscription box, you can take the mystery out of finding the perfect gift for any DC comic book fan.  

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