8 Most Powerful Star Wars Characters Ranked

From Force-wielding fighters to life forms beyond your wildest imagination, there’s plenty of power in the Star Wars universe. A universe created by George Lucas which, by the way, is immense—both in terms of galactic size and content for the superfan to consume. Across five decades of blockbuster films, comic books, video games, and Christmas specials, there have been some planet-shatteringly powerful characters. 

You might already be familiar of the best Star Wars quotes that come up in everyday conversations and the best scenes from Star Wars franchise (including the Obi wan Kenobi series) that superfans geek out of. We’ve already ranked the top Star Wars characters, but this countdown has nothing to do with likeability. Some of these characters are downright evil. But, hey—have you ever tried going on an evil rampage without the power of the Dark Side behind you? It’s a lot less fun.

So, who is the most powerful Star Wars character? Without further ado, here’s our take on the best 8 from the Star Wars universe.

#8 Revan

Revan may come from Star Wars Legends, but he’s been mentioned in canon—and that’s enough for us to give him a spot on this list. The Knights of the Old Republic protagonist is a seriously fearsome fighter, with powers like:

  • Legendary lightsaber-wielding – Revan deflects blaster fire with ease, ducks and dodges with acrobatic prowess, and uses the Force to up his fighting game.
  • Channeling both Sides of the Force – Speaking of the Force, Revan mastered the Light and Dark Sides throughout his life, even using both at once—a feat conquered by few.

One of his greatest victories (of which there are many) is his one-on-one defeat of Mandalore the Ultimate. It takes a massively powerful character to play an important role as both a Sith and a Jedi, but that’s what Revan did.

#7 Ahsoka Tano

A hero of The Clone War, Ahsoka Tano learned from one of the masters—Anakin Skywalker, that is. And working with Anakin isn’t her only claim to fame. Her expertise with lightsabers, telekinetic Force powers, mind tricks, and more make her a formidable fighter.

Dual-wielding sabers using the Jar’Kai form, Ahsoka handily bested General Grievous (despite him handling double the lightsabers). If she can beat a merciless Kaleesh fighter—as a teen, no less—she’s earned her spot on this list.

#6 Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader

Anakin poster

The Chosen One may be a classic villain from the Star Wars franchise , but infamy alone isn’t enough to earn a top spot. Still, Anakin is no weakling.

He may have been a skilled fighter with a lightsaber and was taught by the great Obi Wan Kenobi, but his true talents are with the Force. Once Anakin dons the Darth Vader mask and turns to the Dark Side, he becomes one of the strongest forces in the galaxy. In the comics, he uses his unrivaled telekinetic strength to manipulate a massive AT-AT. And who can forget about his tendency to Force-choke his victims?

While he may have lost his physical power during his reconstruction, he made up for it with his ability to strike fear into his enemies. No matter how you look at it, Vader is a menace.

#5 Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious

Emperor Palpatine, known under the Sith name of Darth Sidious, was a force from the Sith Empire to be reckoned with. Over the years, Palpatine:

  • Murdered his master, three Jedi masters, and countless others
  • Conjured up some of the most powerful instances of Force lightning ever
  • Mastered every form of lightsaber combat
  • Was considered the most powerful expression of the Dark Side by Vader and Luke

Vader may have defeated Palpatine in a moment of weakness, but we like to think that, in a fair fight, the Sith Emperor would have crushed him. George Lucas himself said in a 2005 interview that post-amputation Anakin wasn’t as strong as Palpatine. Case closed.

#4 Luke Skywalker

If you’re a “Darth Vader is stronger than Luke” fan, we’re sorry—there’s no way. In their ultimate meeting, Luke defeats his father, proving himself as a legendary Jedi and the more powerful of the two.

Sure, Luke was only able to best Darth Vader by tapping into the Dark Side of the Force. But he did defeat him, so we have to give the edge to Luke Skywalker.

Besides, Luke’s powers go well beyond taking down Vader. He’s also:

  • A virtuoso pilot
  • A natural with a lightsaber
  • Connected to the Force like no other (becoming a Force spirit after death)
  • Blessed with a moral compass of pure gold

Plus, let’s face it: he’s practically untouchable. As a main character of tshe franchise, he benefited from plot armor from time to time.

#3 Yoda

yodu siting with hands on a stick

Master Yoda may be ancient, but that’s where his strengths lie. His connection to the Force is unparalleled; he taught generations of Jedi how to harness the Light Side and combat evil.

The lean, green, lightsaber-wielding machine was a master of both the Ataru and Niman forms of fighting, using the Force to move with great speed and agility. The most formidable duelists must have been terrified to engage in combat with Master Yoda.

Even after his death, ghost Yoda was wreaking havoc with Force lightning—proof that he’s one of the most powerful Star Wars characters, living or dead.

#2 Tenebrae/Darth Vitiate

When you can cheat death and master the Force as a child, you earn yourself a high ranking on this list. This Sith Emperor from The Old Republic is easily one of the strongest Star Wars characters ever created.

At six, Tenebrae was already using the Force as a plaything; at ten, he stripped the power of the Force from his birth father. As if that wasn’t enough, as Lord Vitiate, Tenebrae could possess others like puppets. Jumping from host to host, he was essentially invincible.

#1 The Father

So, who is the strongest Star Wars character ever? If you’ve already binged Star Wars: The Clone Wars, you probably knew this was coming. The Father is the strongest Star Wars character—hands down.

A million-year-old member of the godlike Force-wielding family, called The Ones, and a descendent of the Celestials, the Father was a beast. He was basically in charge of balancing the Light and Dark Sides of the Force (AKA his children).

Still, need convincing? Here’s a quick list of his feats:

  • Stopping a lightsaber with his bare hands
  • Teleporting across the galaxy
  • Erasing memories
  • Sprouting wings and flying
  • Stripping his powerful children of their physical forms

He may look even more senile than Yoda (and he technically is), but he’s the clear winner here.

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