5 Star Wars TV Shows For Every Superfan

We all know how this starts: a long time ago (1977, to be exact) in a galaxy far, far away. Where it ends, on the other hand, is a different story. Ever since its genesis, the Star Wars saga has kept superfans coming back for more. From the best Star Wars fight scenes to the oh so confusing Star Wars movie timeline, it has become an iconic franchise. Beyond every Star Wars movie ever created, gifts, collectibles, and even toys, like LEGO Star Wars have been created in honor of the Star Wars Series. Yet, Here we are now—waiting with bated breath for what’s next. 

The good news is that the Star Wars universe seems to be constantly expanding—at least on-screen. But with a galaxy’s worth of options (hats off to you, Disney+), it can be hard to know where to start. 

Fret not, Jedi. We’ve put together a must-read guide that’ll introduce you to a few must-see old and new Star Wars series. Here are five Star Wars TV shows every superfan will be itching to binge. 

#1 Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Each episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be 22 minutes of intergalactic bliss for any superfan.  In this Star Wars series, you’ll follow Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka Tano between the second and third prequel films. 

What makes this series so binge-worthy, you ask?

  • Character arcs – Watch in real-time as Anakin begins his downfall into the Dark Side.
  • Action-packed episodes – Move aside green screens and stunt doubles, it’s time to make way for animated series. This series is brimming with edge-of-your-seat battle sequences and action galore. 
  • A glimpse at the groundwork – Not only will you meet new faces and places like Mandalore and bounty hunters, but you’ll also get detailed Jedi history and insight into the fall of the Republic.
  • The final season – If you know, you know. If you don’t—you should get on that. 

    Book yourself a superfan’s night in, keep the popcorn bowls full, and enjoy. 

    #2 Star Wars: Visions

    For every Star Wars fan who loves anime almost as much as Darth Vader, you’re in luck with this TV show. Visions takes Star Wars back to its samurai-inspired roots by utilizing Japanese animation style and storytelling. 

    Some might even call it “the spiritual successor to Clone Wars.

    Boasting a distinct art style every episode, this anthology series takes you on a journey with:

    • A mysterious wanderer
    • A pair of twins born into the Dark Side
    • The daughter of a lightsaber-smith
    • A Jedi on the run

    Visions is a multi-faceted whirlwind of creativity and vivid storytelling that will make any Star Wars fan fall in love. 

    #3 The Mandalorian 

    The Mandalorian movie poster

    Lace up your favorite pair of trainers (or Jedi-style boots) and follow along because The Mandalorian has become a runaway success—not mention an instant classic among Star Wars fans everywhere. 

    How has it become one of the most popular Star Wars TV shows ever?

    Because it highlights everything you love about Star Wars:

    • Original characters – Although the Mandolorian doesn’t speak, his likeability transcends words—you can’t help but invest in his character and the world around him. Without ties to the original storylines, he’s free to grow into a fully-formed character without limitations. 
    • Fascinating loreFans have been waiting for years for the development of Mandalore, and this show delivers. What could be better than watching the layers and textures of a new world unfold?
    • Fan favorites – Tune in to find out what happened to all of your favorite characters from the original trilogy. 

    With more exciting seasons to look forward to, The Mandalorian is paving the way and setting the standard for any live-action Star Wars series to follow. You can binge-watch The Mandalorian season 1 and 2 on Disney Plus anytime. 

    #4 Star Wars: Resistance

    There’s been a lot of talk about the prequels, but the sequels deserve some love too. Enter: Star Wars: Resistance.

    You’re sure to be a fan of this if:

    • You love rallying together with friends and rooting for an underdog story
    • You’re curious to learn about the rise of the First Order
    • You’re looking for a reason to keep your heart-eyes glued to pretty-boy pilot Poe Dameron

    The Star Wars Resistance TV show will remind you of everything the Resistance had against them and how their thrilling defiance kept hope alive in a seemingly hopeless world. 

    #5 Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Alright, this Star Wars show isn’t set to release on Disney+ until May. Still, it has to be included for obvious reasons. 

    It’s no secret that Obi-Wan is considered one of the most beloved characters in the entire Star Wars saga. So, it’s a no-brainer that he’s earned an entire show dedicated to his character. 

    With Ewan McGregor reprising his iconic role, a stacked cast of actors, and a dedication to our favorite Clone Wars characters, fans are understandably excited. 

    Here are some questions that viewers are dying to have answered in the new Obi-Wan series:

    • How did Obi-Wan survive all those years?
    • How big of a role did he play in protecting Luke Skywalker on Tatooine?
    • Are they going to build upon his relationship with Anakin?

    This show is likely to be an unmissable Star Wars TV series—May can’t get here soon enough!

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