Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Naruto

No matter how much you think you know about Naruto, there are—without a doubt—a few things that have gone over the heads of even the biggest fans of the series. The world of Naruto is imaginative, rich, and full of wonders—which is a big part of what makes it so compelling. 

But it’s also full of Easter eggs and homages that help solidify its place as one of the most iconic manga and the best anime to ever exist. And there’s a good chance that you’ve yet to uncover all of the Naruto fun facts.

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#1 The Toads Have Famous Namesakes

Toads are among the most summoned creatures in all of Naruto, but you’ve probably never given much thought to their names. That’s unfortunate, because their names are actually quite significant. They’re all named after famous Japanese actors, including:    

  • Shima, named after Shima Iwashita
  • Gammabunta, named after Bunta Sugawara
  • Gamaken, named after Ken Takakura

#2 Sasuke Was Inspired by Classic Manga 

In 1961, manga master Sanpei Shirato released Sasuke, a classic of manga literature that you’ve probably never read. The creators of Naruto did read it, however, and used the name and plot to craft Sasuke Uchiha’s background, one of the strongest Naruto characters. 

Like the Sasuke Uchiha we love from Naruto, Shirato’s Sasuske goes on great adventures after his entire village is massacred.  

#3 Kakashi Was Supposed to Have A Catchphrase

You know Kakashi Hatake as the caring, noble teacher of Team 7 But originally, Kakashi was supposed to be much more stern and imposing. 

In the end, the creators decided to go in a more nurturing direction with Kakashi. But when they made this switch, they didn’t just scrap the character’s surly demeanor. They also ditched his original catchphrase: gozaru, an old Japanese expression that roughly translates to “to be.” A fitting phrase for someone so wise, even if it’s a little gimmicky. 

#4 There’s a Big Sasuke Blooper in The Last: Naruto the Movie

Coming in at number four on our list of Naruto facts? A sneaky blooper. This one might not surprise eagle-eyed observers of the Naruto franchise. Even so, one interesting fact about Naruto has to do with Sasuke and his unstoppable Rinnegan. 

According to Naruto lore, Sasuke has his Rinnegan for life. In part, Sasuke’s Rinnegan is the reason: 

  • He’s such a good ninja
  • His left eye changes colors
  • He grew out his hair 

But for a brief moment in Last: Naruto the Movie, we get a quick glimpse of Sasuke sans-Rinnegan. Oops!

#5 Naruto Grew Over the Course of the Show

When Naruto began, its title character was only 12 years old and stood between 145 and 147 centimeters. 

As the years passed, however, Naruto not only aged, but he also got taller. By Part II of the series, Naruto had gained almost twenty centimeters, standing at around 166 centimeters tall. 

#6 Naruto is a Libra

The next time Libra season rolls around, think of Naruto. Born on October 10th, Naruto exhibits typical Libra traits like gregariousness and a belief in the importance of friendship. 

But Naruto isn’t the only Libra in the bunch. In fact, he shares a birthday with two other characters:

  • Menma Uzumaki
  • Menma Namikaze

#7 Naruto Was Never Supposed to Meet His Parents

Originally, the creator of Naruto never intended for the young ninja to meet his parents Minato Namikaze (the fourth hokage) and Kushina Uzumkai (Junjuriki of the Uzumaki clan). In a big way, the isolation of being an orphan with a nine tailed beast (Kurama) sealed within him was a major part of the character as originally conceived.

However, when Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto started having children of his own, he knew that he owed Naruto a reunion in both the manga and anime. To accomplish that reunion, the story relied on:

  • Time travel
  • Reanimated (basically bringing the soul back to the body)

#8 The Headbands Were A Time-Saver

Naruto Jumping

The headbands worn by characters in Naruto are among the most iconic features of the manga. But did you know they weren’t always a part of the look?

Very early in the series, some characters wore goggles in place of the headbands. However, headbands took less time and resources to draw, so eventually, the goggles wound up on the cutting room floor. 

#9 The Series Was Cleaned Up for American Audiences

As often happens when franchises cross borders, Naruto had to be cleaned up before debuting in the United States. Two of the most significant changes included: 

  • Asuma’s cigarettes are never lit
  • Tazuna isn’t drunk when he first appears 

#10 There’s a Naruto Musical

Yes, you read that right. Debuting in 2015 in Japan, Naruto: The Musical is a live-theater spectacular that brings the thrill of Naruto to the stage. A true event, Naruto: The Musical features not only singing but also:

  • Choreographed martial arts sequences
  • Dazzling light displays 

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