Best Nerdy Subscription Boxes To Geek Out For

There's nothing better than a mystery box-- unless, of course, that mystery box is all about your favorite show, movie, or alternate universe and sent to you four times a year! Perfectly created by nerds like you, CultureFly's subscription boxes are filled to the brim with pop culture collectibles, the best geeky shirts, and other nerdy apparel, and more unique items to show off your fandom.

If you're a superfan or a collector, you've gotta check out the quarterly subscription boxes from CultureFly. The geeky box selections range from offerings straight from the DC Universe to under-the-sea shenanigans with Spongebob. Specially created for everyone from Supernatural fans to Star Wars die-hards, these subscription boxes have something for everyone to truly geek out over.

If you're new to subscription boxes, check out how they work and see past CultureFly Boxes to find the one that’s right for you. Here’s our list of the best nerd subscription boxes

From the Small Screen to Your Front Door 

Why find a new show when you could be re-watching your favorite geeky TV show or movie franchise?  Snuggle up on the couch and amp up your rewatch with a CultureFly subscription box created by fans for fans!

Take a trip to a galaxy far, far away, or hop in the Impala with Dean and Sam to take on some supernatural shenanigans as you open your box inspired by the geeky shows and movies you love. Since there's something new every couple of months, it'll feel like you’re watching it for the first time all over again. CultureFly makes your old binge-able favorites fresh again!

Star Wars Galaxy Box

items in a star war subscription  box

Full of apparel, collectibles, and more, this Star Wars subscription box is the best way to travel to a galaxy far, far away. From the original trilogy to The Mandalorian™, this box explores the deepest depths of the Star Wars universe with a new themed box every three months. It’s no jedi mind trick-- this box is sure to satiate even the most hard-core Star Wars nerd. 

Supernatural Box

supernatural boxes with white background

After 15 seasons the show might have ended, but the hunt is still on, and you can join in with this Supernatural subscription box from CultureFly. Deck your room with cool new figurines and other awesome collectibles, plus enjoy cool apparel and other exclusive items like hats and messenger bags. It's spooky how well curated this box of Supernatural merch is, leaving us to believe that perhaps powers from beyond had a hand in putting it together (have some salt on hand just in case).

Miraculous Box

miraculous box items with white background

The Miraculous Box is every Miraculous superfan's Lucky Charm! With a mix of apparel, collectibles, and accessories featuring Ladybug, Cat Noir, and other characters from the series, this box is a “spots on” gift for any Miraculous geek. No ticket to Paris required!

Blast From The Past Boxes

If you need a big dose of nostalgia in a subscription box-sized package, then these blast from the past boxes are perfect for you. From the 90's Nickelodeon classics of the Nick Box to the submarine treasure trove of the Bikini Bottom box, these blast from the past boxes are full of your childhood favorites.

There's no better way to relive your childhood and let your inner geek out than with the cartoon pals that kept you company on weeknights and Saturday mornings. These nostalgia-packed subscription boxes keep it fresh and fun, all while taking a long stroll down memory lane. Give your inner kid something to totally geek out on with the Spongebob-themed Bikini Bottom Box or the 90s kid dream subscription, the Nick Box!

The Bikini Bottom Box

bikni bottom box with items

Is this the Krusty Krab? No, it's a whole lot of Bikini Bottom bliss packed into one carefully curated box of under the sea fun! You might just rip your pants with excitement when you tear into this SpongeBob-themed subscription box. 

Patrick, Gary, Sandy, and the rest of the Bikini Bottom gang are waiting to make your day a little brighter with unique collectibles and merchandise. If you're a goofy goober with a soft spot for sea-dwelling sponges, then this Spongebob Squarepants subscription box is the perfect way to wet your whistle and dive headfirst into a quarterly box subscription. We just have one last question… Are you ready, kids? Aye Aye, Captain!

The Nick Box

the nick box with items

Do you remember Reptar On Ice? Did you have a favorite team on Legends Of The Hidden Temple? If you were a '90s kid, then prepare to plunge back into the slime-filled world of kid-geared game shows and hilarious cartoons! These quarterly boxes of Nick-tastic fun will hit you in the nostalgia bone like a pie to the face on Double Dare 2000. 

With the Nick Box, exclusive from CultureFly, you'll be hanging with CatDog, relaxing with The Rugrats, and getting a much-needed dose of Doug every quarter! If there were a category at the Kids Choice Awards for the best subscription box of all time, this Nickelodeon subscription box would win hands down.



Boxes That Bring Comics to Life

Whether you geek out over anime, aliens, or superheroes, we bring your favorite comic book to life with geeky subscription boxes packed full of one-of-a-kind collectibles. Comics allow you to dive into another world but with CultureFly, you get to dive into a complete experience with merch made after My Hero Academia characters or DC Comics superheroes.

My Hero Academia Box

my hero academia box

Are you ready for a subscription box that's PLUS ULTRA? Show your love for the students of Class 1-A and the rest of the My Hero Academia world with this quarterly subscription anime box. 

This My Hero Academia box has exclusive MHA merch featuring all of your favorite UA students, heroes, and villains that you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll geek out like Midorya analyzing a fight when your anime box arrives each quarter. 

Strange Planet Box

strange planet box

When aliens that act like humans give you a glimpse into their strange planet, you have to poke around! Get to know your inner alien and experience the delightful realization that we might not be so different after all with a curated box of Strange Planet merch. This nerd subscription box is full of accessories, exclusive comics, and more all inspired by the beings you love

This “mystery containment” is geared for fans who love merging the real world with an outer (space) perspective. For all the alien fun you love about the Strange Planet comic by Nathan W. Pyle in a quarterly box, this subscription is the nerdiest way to geek out with some hilarious aliens. 

World’s Finest: The Collection 

CultureFly's "World's Finest" is a collection of your favorite DC Comics superheroes and super villains in the form of exclusive items like trading cards, vinyl figures, apparel, and more. Have you ever wanted a Batman travel mug? Or How about a Daily Planet notebook to jot down your thoughts? The DC universe is one of the most popular superhero franchises of all time, and CultureFly has officially licensed DC merchandise to send you every couple of months. Subscribe to the DC subscription box and give yourself a quarterly subscription that is truly fit for superfans!

Embrace Your Geekiness with a Box Made for You

CultureFly offers a wide range of subscription boxes from One Piece, Star Wars, Nickelodeon, Pusheen, Naruto merch and many more to choose from. If a subscription is a little too intense for you, check out our line of collectible boxes. Animal Crossing, Dragon Ball Z, and Nintendo are just a few of the themed box options you'll find in our collectibles section. CultureFly's collectible boxes are a great way to get your feet wet, discover unique items, and see if a subscription box is for you. They are also great geeky gifts for the other nerds in your life.

To find some more of the best subscription boxes for nerds, check out CultureFly's entire line of subscription-based boxes from gamer boxes, anime boxes, kids subscription boxes, etc. We have something for every geek, diehard, and superfan, so take a look for yourself and find a box that your inner geek will love.