6 Best Gifts for Pop Culture Lovers

Looking for a gift for your pop culture-obsessed friend or loved one can be difficult without inspiration.

If you’re stuck on what to get the pop culture guru in your life, don’t worry; CultureFly has you covered with our pop culture collectibles. This perfect gift guide list will take you through 6 of the best gifts for pop culture lovers, no matter their age or taste.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even find a little something for yourself too.

1. Pop Culture Subscription Boxes

Don’t have one specific item in mind? A pop culture subscription box acts as a one-stop-shop for all the possible gifts you could give. From retro-90s-cartoon boxes to anime-specific boxes, subscription boxes cater to any pop culture lover's preferences.

Plus, you’re not limited to choosing that one perfect item. Boxes can come with any number of gifts inside, including:

  • Collectibles
  • Apparel
  • Headware
  • Planters
  • Stickers
  • Accessories

Best of all, with a subscription box, you can give your pop culture-loving friend the gift that keeps on giving. Give them a quarterly subscription box to continually remind them of your friendship.

2. Anime Figurines

Anime Figurines

Vinyl figure shown above is not available for individual purchase.

Chances are, you’ve noticed the pop culture anime craze that’s sweeping the nation. From My Hero Academia to Attack On Titan, every anime has its own collectible figurines that are certified kawaii and would be a great gift for those that love Japanese pop culture.

If your loved one is into collectibles, be sure to leave the figurine inside its original packaging. They may be interested in keeping their favorite character’s figurine in pristine condition for years to come.

3. TV Merchandise

Poster of TV Merchandise

From The Office to Friends, there are many pop culture tv shows that have made a permanent impact on culture. While your pop culture lover might be bingeing their favorite show for the 10th time, you can show them you really care with some items from their favorite series.

There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments in these classic shows, so you know they’ll appreciate some funny pop culture gifts too.

Check out some merch options like

  • Themed board games
  • Coffee mugs
  • Notebooks
  • Posters

Let your pop culture fan get a little closer to their favorite shows, even if they’ve been off the air for a decade or more.


4. Superhero Swag

super hero swag items

From Batman to Wonder Woman—bring out your loved one’s inner hero with some superhero swag that will make them supremely happy.

You can get them any number of swag items, like:

  • Superhero Hats – Slightly easier to pull off than a cape, a superhero hat is the perfect accessory for any occasion. Even superheroes like putting on a brimmed cap once and a while when they’re trying to hide their secret identity (even though the disguise never works).
  • Super Snacks – They say that the way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach. From sweet to salty to sour, there’s a superhero version for every occasion. Give some superhero theme snacks to your pop culture lover to satisfy their heroic appetite.
  • Super Coasters – These coasters are not the kind you ride, although that would be an epic gift. Think high-quality images of their favorite heroes turned into objects to set your beverages on. Not even a superhero can protect against ring stains.

5. Pop Culture Apparel

Girls wearing animal crossing and plastics t-shirt

Until our sci-fi dreams of everyone wearing space-aged silver jumpsuits come true, apparel remains a tried and true gift. Of course, the pop culture lover in your life doesn’t want to wear just any clothes, they want clothes that express their fandom, their knowledge, and maybe a little bit of their humor too.

Deck your pop culture fan out in the coolest t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies to keep them comfy and quippy. 

Oh, and don’t forget some fun socks; who doesn’t love keeping their toes warm while repping their favorite show.

6. Video Game Gear

Animal crossing box with items

Is your pop culture lover more of a gamer? Why not get them something that’ll help their K/D ratio, improve their reflexes, or simply make them feel special.

Whether it’s Nintendo or Xbox, gamers live and breathe their favorite games. Gift them the gear and collectibles to improve their game, by getting them the perfect present such as:

  • Themed controllers (or stickers to deck out their game system and controllers)
  • Action figures from their favorite video games
  • Themed apparel, kitchenware, or other accessories

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